Low Cost Florence Airport Parking

Florence Airport is situated only 4 km from Florence, in the territory of Sesto Fiorentino. It is an international airport which also goes by the names of Amerigo Vespucci Airport, or Peretola Airport, because of its location in Peretola. This airport handles over one and a half million passengers per year, and has all the amenities required by departing and arriving passengers, including adequate parking areas. The parking areas are all within easy walking distance of the terminal buildings.

There are two main terminal buildings. One is dedicated to Arrivals and the other to Departures. Both of these buildings handle international and domestic flights. The airport facilities have been upgraded and improved on numerous occasions over the past years, and most recently in 2003, so that the airport is now capable of handling two million passengers per year. The terminal buildings and parking areas have both been renovated and extended during these recent upgrades.

Passengers with their own vehicles can park in the short-term parking area or long-term parking area, depending on the length of time required. There are 90 parking spaces in the short-term parking area, and 640 spaces in the long-term parking area.

The first 20 minutes of parking in the short-term parking lot is for free, and this would be the ideal place to park if you want to just quickly offload baggage and passengers, or collect someone from the airport. This parking lot is situated nearby the terminal buildings, and the entrances to the Arrival and Departure terminals. It can be found just alongside the Via del Termine. After the free 20 minutes of parking, customers will pay Euro 2.00 for the first hour of parking, or fraction thereof, and from the second hour there are charges of Euro 3.00. The daily rate for this parking area is Euro 25.00.

The long-term parking area is less expensive than the short-term parking area, and ideal if you are going to be away for a few days. It is also nearby the terminals, and can be found directly opposite the short-stay parking area, on the other side of Via del Termine. It is bordered on its southern side by the Viale Luder. The 640 parking spaces in the long-term car park are under manned patrol, 24 hours day. Parking fees for this area are Euro 1.00 for each of the first five hours, and Euro 6.00 for six to twelve hours of parking. Motorists will pay Euro 10.00 for each day of parking thereafter.

A separate parking area is reserved for motorcyclists at Florence Airport. This area can be found next to the main parking cash desk.

Passengers ready to leave Florence Airport can pay for their parking at either the Manned Cash Desk or at one of the automated payment machines. The Manned Cash Desk is available all hours of the day, and can be contacted at the following number: +39-055-310294. Any parking enquiries can be made to this number.

Amerigo Vespucci Airport, is well equipped to welcome disabled passengers, or passengers with reduced mobility. The terminal buildings have disabled toilet facilities, elevators for easy access to the upper floors of the airport, pavement ramps and adapted telephone booths. Passengers are also provided with free medical or paramedical assistance if necessary. A special device called an ambulift is used for comfortable boarding of the aircraft, and an assistance request facility is located outside the Departures terminal. Disabled drivers will also find plenty of free parking spaces dedicated to their needs nearby the terminals. Additional or special assistance requirements should be arranged with your airline company, at least 48 hours in advance of your departure flight. Your requirements will then be passed on to the staff, who will ensure that there is someone ready and waiting for your arrival. Assistance is offered through the processes of check-in, baggage check-in or collection, security control, and customs, and up until the time the passenger is ready to leave the airport, whether it be by plane or vehicle.

Many other useful amenities can be found within the terminals at Florence Airport. There is a full-service bank and ATMs for all banking transactions, and a foreign currency exchange. Facilities include the Masaccio VIP Lounge, which is equipped with a work area, computers, access to the internet, telephones, office equipment and newspapers in various languages, and the Arrivals terminal features a spacious meeting room with presentation equipment if required. Plenty of shops and restaurants/refreshment outlets are available in all areas of the airport, and there are lost and found offices and left baggage facilities.

Further information about the facilities and services can be obtained from the Information Desks within the terminal buildings. The Manned Cash Parking Desk will be able to assist with any parking enquiries.