Taxis to and from Pisa Airport (PSA)

Pisa Airport is located only 2 km from the city center of Pisa, and is also commonly referred to as Galileo Galilei Airport, or Pisa-San Giusto Airport, due to its location in the district of San Giusto. This Italian international airport is a major gateway for the Tuscany region, and offers many transportation options for arriving and departing passengers. Regular bus services are available, and there is a train station on the airport site, as well as taxi services traveling to all the surrounding areas of the airport. By taxi is often a popular means of transport for many tourists and business class passengers arriving at Pisa.

The taxi service at the airport is run by CO.TA.PI, which stands for Pisa taxi cooperative. Taxis are readily available from the taxi stands outside the Arrivals area in front of the air terminal exit, or bookings can be made at 050 54 1600. The radio taxi services operate at all hours of the day and night. Since the airport is situated so close to Pisa, the average taxi fare ranges between Euro 5.70 and Euro 8.00, with possible extra charges for certain services. Further details can also be found on this company’s website, at

Although traveling by taxi is always the most expensive form of transportation, many passengers find the privacy and convenience of a taxi to be well worth the extra Euro. Taxis can be said to have a bad name for overcharging their passengers, but provided you know how they operate, and are aware of the possible downfalls of the service, you will be able to make use of their services in the correct manner, and have a good experience. Most importantly it is always recommended to only use the services of legitimate taxi companies. In Italy, these taxis are colored white or yellow, and have a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They should also have an identifying number on one of their side doors (usually the driver’s door), which can be quoted to the company in question if you receive bad service from the driver. All taxis in Pisa are required to have a meter, which is a device that records the length of your journey, and therefore helps to determine the taxi fare owed for the trip. Taxi drivers are obliged to turn on the meter before the start of each journey. If your taxi driver claims that his meter is broken, it is best to agree on the fare which will be due before you leave the airport, or even find another taxi. The applicable tariffs should be displayed in the taxi where passengers can see them, and they should also be available in an English version.

Take note that there are additional charges for certain services besides the usual rate per kilometer/mile traveled. These could include extra charges per luggage item loaded, traveling to and from the airport, or for animals transported within the taxi. Taxi fares are also more expensive when traveling on a Sunday and bank holiday, or at night, usually after 19:00. Your taxi driver should be able to explain any of the extra charges which will be applicable to your journey.

Taxis are available to offer transport to Pisa Airport as well. In Pisa, taxi ranks can be found at the Pisa Central Railway Station in Piazza Duomo, or at any major public or tourist area in the city. Tourists in Italy have not had much success in hailing a taxi from the street, although this is not to say that they won’t stop for you if they are empty. However, it is best to call for a taxi to come and collect you from your location, or go to one of the taxi ranks in the city. Keep in mind that when calling for a taxi the driver will turn on the meter from where he leaves to fetch you, rather than from your starting point, therefore don’t be surprised to find the meter already running. It is therefore more expensive to call for a taxi than to take one directly from the taxi rank.

All of Tuscany is within easy reach of Pisa Airport. Livorno is only 20 minutes away, and Lucca, Viareggio are 30 minutes away. Massa Carrara, Florence and Pistoia are approximately 45 minutes from the airport, and Prato is 50 minutes away. Further areas include Siena, which is two hours away.

Chauffeur driven vehicles are also available from the airport, and for this service customers can contact the Limousine Oritour office located in the air terminal on the arrivals side. Their contact numbers are 050 21544 or 347-7670931. There are also car parks reserved for these vehicles in front of the arrivals exit on the left-hand side of the taxi rank.

Passengers traveling by taxi to or from the airport mostly find the services to be quick and convenient, and the taxi drivers to be friendly, helpful and courteous. Further information about the services offered, or flight information, can be obtained from the Information Desk in the Arrivals Hall, and there is also a Tourist Information Desk located just outside the Arrivals area.