Taxis to and from Milan Bergamo Airport (BGY)

Bergamo Airport offers its arriving and departing passengers a variety of transportation services. There are three bus services which connect the airport to the main train stations in the vicinity, as well as many taxis outside the arrivals area of the airport. Many passengers enjoy the convenience of traveling by taxi, as they do not have to find parking at the airport, or worry about getting lost when traveling to their next destination.

There are various taxi services at Bergamo Airport, also known as Orio al Serio Airport, and these include Radiotaxi, Aclass and the Airport Car Service. Radiotaxi should be called for conventional taxi services, and their telephone number is +39 035 4519090. Aclass is a company which provides an excellent limousine service from the airport. This service requires an advanced reservation. Aclass can be contacted at +39 035 314545, or customers can visit their website at They also have an email address at The Airport Car Service offers car rental with a driver as well as taxi services. Their telephone number is +39 035 3844411, and their email address is More information is available on their website, at

Although traveling by taxi is always the most expensive form of transportation, many passengers find a taxi to be more convenient than a bus, especially if they are in a hurry, or are carrying large amounts of luggage. It is important though to understand how the taxi services in Italy operate in terms of rates and extra charges including in the taxi fare, as well as which taxis are ‘safer’ to use, as there are always those illegal taxi operators who try to persuade you to use their services. They are often found within busy areas like an airport terminal building. Their services should not be used under any circumstances, even if they offer you a cheaper price.

Legitimate taxis in Italy are usually yellow in color, or sometimes white, and always display a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They should also have an identifying number on one of their side doors (usually the driver’s door), which is the number of that particular taxi, and a number which can be quoted to the company should you experience any difficulties with the taxi driver. Taxis in Italy should have a meter, which is the device that records the amount of km/miles you travel, and shows the taxi fare owed for your journey. Passengers should always ensure that this meter is turned on and in working condition, otherwise, the taxi fare should be discussed with the driver before you leave the airport. Besides the metered fare, there are often extra charges added, which could include fees for luggage loaded, animals loaded, traveling at night or on Sundays and holidays, or for more than three passengers traveling in the taxi. If you are unsure about which extra charges will be added to your taxi fare, it is best to discuss them with the driver before you leave for your destination.

Bergamo is only 5 km from Orio al Serio Airport, and taxis are readily available from many locations within Bergamo. Taxi ranks are usually found at all the main railway and bus stations, or at every major public or tourist area within the city. Taxi services can be used directly from these locations, or can be called to come and collect you from your specific location. Keep in mind though, that the taxi meter is turned on from where the driver leaves to come and fetch you, and not from your specific starting point. Therefore, it is generally more expensive to call for a taxi than to take one from a taxi rank. Visitors in Italy have also not had much success when hailing a taxi from the street. This is not to say that a taxi won’t stop for you if they are empty, but it is better to go directly to a taxi rank.

Taxi services can be used for short or long journeys, depending on your travel requirements and budget. There are many towns nearby Bergamo, including Milan, which is 45 km from the airport, Brescia – 48 km from the airport, Lecco – 40 km, Como – 62 km, Garda Lake – 78 km, Cremona – 91 km and Pavia, which is 94 km from the airport. Towns which are further away include Varese – 100 km, Verona – 115 km, Mantova – 131 km, Turin – 180 km, Genoa – 200 km and Venice, at 220 km from the airport.

Although there are sometimes problems encountered with taxi services, most passengers find the services to be quick and convenient, and the taxi drivers to be polite and professional. The airport has a variety of information desks within its terminal building, with staff members who can assist with any general enquiries about transportation or airport services.