Bologna Airport Taxis (BLQ)

Bologna Airport is located approximately 6 km northwest of the city centre of Bologna, and in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Milan is around 200 km from the airport, while the areas of Bargellino, Borgo Panigale, Lame and Saffi are nearer. Florence is also within easy driving distance of Bologna. Another name for this Italian airport is Guglielmo Marconi Airport, in honour of a famous inventor and electrical engineer who spent time in the surrounding areas, and its official airport code is BLQ. There are a number of transport options at the airport, which include taxi services. Although taxis are most often more expensive than buses or trains, they are popular for their convenience.

Bologna handled over five and a half million passengers during 2010, and expects passenger traffic to only increase in 2011 and the next coming years. Therefore, the airport offers many quality services and facilities within its terminal building, and a variety of transport options for passengers travelling to and from the airport. Taxis are known for being expensive, but remain a popular form of transport for many passengers. The taxi rank at the airport is easy to find, as it is just outside the arrivals area. All arrivals at the airport are handled from the ground floor, whilst the departure area is on the first floor. Restaurant facilities are found on the second floor of the terminal building.

Since that Bologna is so nearby to the airport, taxis offer a really quick and simply way to reach the heart of the city. A taxi from Bologna Airport will take only around 10 minutes to reach the city centre, depending on traffic conditions. Travelling by taxi has many advantages when compared to public transport. Many passengers enjoy the privacy of the journey, as well as the efficiency of the trip. A taxi can also deliver you directly to the doorstep of your hotel, residence or place of business, and the taxi driver can assist you with your luggage. Passengers can also call to reserve a taxi for when their flight will be arriving at the airport. The number for more information or bookings is +39 051 372727 or +39 051 4590.

It is recommended to only use the official Bologna Airport taxis, and not to accept services offered by individuals in the arrivals area. It can happen that you are approached by someone, and offered a cheaper taxi, but these drivers are often not licensed to operate from the airport, and many times their taxis are underinsured. There is a risk of being overcharged, and not being able to make an official complaint in regards to the service. The official airport taxis will always be in the taxi rank, and their drivers wait by their vehicles.

Bologna Taxis and in Italy generally are usually white or yellow in colour, and can be recognized by their ‘taxi’ sign on the roof. They should also have an identifying number on one side (usually the driver’s side), and this number can be used to report a taxi, or to file a complaint against your taxi driver should you experience unprofessional service. Taxis run on a metered system, and the taxi fares are therefore charged per distance travelled rather than by set fares, however, there may also be set fares to various popular destinations. A meter is the device that records the length of your journey, and the fare is then calculated accordingly. Passengers should ensure that their taxi’s meter is turned on and in working condition. It is also recommended to discuss the average price of your journey with the taxi driver before leaving the airport, as it is more difficult to argue the cost once the journey has already been completed.

With Taxis at Bologna Airport the metered taxi fare may not be the only cost involved when hiring a taxi. There could be extra charges for luggage loaded, travelling late at night or on Sundays and holidays, animals transported, extra passengers loaded and airport fees. These costs are not included in the metered fare. Passengers can ask the taxi driver for more information as to which additional fees will be applicable to their trip.

Taxis are a good way to travel to the airport as well, when you need to catch a departure flight. With a taxi you do not have to worry about finding and paying for parking at the airport, which may just add up to about the same as the taxi fare! Taxis in Bologna can be found at all the main bus and railway stations, as well as in busier areas of the city, such as tourist locations or public squares. Taxis can also be called to come and collect you from your location. Although taxis are not usually hailed from the streets of Italian cities, it is possible that the taxi driver will stop if he has no passengers.

More information about Bologna taxis can be obtained from the information points in the terminal building, which also include an IAT Office in the arrivals area for all information on tourism, transport and accommodation, the Bologna Fiere Information Point and the Bologna Congressi Information Point, for all details on fairs and conferences in the area.