Low Cost Bologna Airport Parking

Bologna Airport consists of a three-level air terminal, which handles various activities from each floor of the building. It is also an international airport, with airline companies offering flights to a wide variety of destinations. The restaurants and other catering facilities can be found on the upper level, while the security points and boarding area for departure flights are handled from the first floor. The ground floor of the terminal is dedicated to arrivals and two check-in areas. Motorists should be able to reach the airport relatively easily, as it is connected to a few prominent roads and highways, and once arriving at the airport, the parking areas are well indicated. There are about 5,000 parking spaces (in total) available in the various parking lots. Each parking area is best used for different lengths of parking periods, for example, short-term or long-term parking.

Parking Area P1

Within this parking area an Express Car Park is available, and is ideal for motorists who are waiting for arriving passengers, or for the off-loading of passengers and their baggage. It is no longer permitted to park directly in front of the terminal building, not even to drop off passengers, and certainly not to sit and wait for arriving passengers. This regulation is set for safety and security purposes at the airport. The Express Car Park offers fifteen minutes of free parking, and then charges of €2.20 per hour are applicable. The Express Car Park should not really be used for longer than five hours of parking.

The P1 parking area is ideal for stays of longer than five hours, and medium and long stay parking periods. It is located on the ground floor level of the airport, and has just over half of its parking spaces under cover. There are also special parking rates and reserved areas in P1 for City Cars (up to 2.5m long), and spaces reserved for motorbikes.

Parking Area P2

This parking area has an Express Car Park as well, which is located as nearby to the terminal as possible. Otherwise, it is best used for the same parking periods as P1. The P2 parking area is a secure multi-story car park, and all its spaces are under cover. It also has the same reserved areas as P1, and is within walking distance of the terminal.

Parking Area P3

This Bologna Airport parking area can also be used for medium to long stay parking, and has a few spaces that are under cover. The majority of spaces, however, are in the open.

Parking Areas P4 and P5

The P4 parking lot is used mainly for long-term parking, and is slightly further from the terminal building than the other parking areas. It is 700m from the air terminal, but a shuttle bus is available for transportation of passengers and baggage. It is an open air parking area that offers security in the form of video surveillance with digital recording. There are also SOS breakdown services for battery problems, and special conditions for business trips and holidays.

Parking area P5 is only used during the busier months of summer, and when the other parking areas are full. It is quite a distance from the terminal as well, but is well connected by a free shuttle bus service.

Valet Parking

Car valet service is available at the P2 car park, which is the multi-storey parking area at Bologna Airport. This is a great option for passengers who have little time to find a parking space, or for families with small children who find it easier to go directly to the terminal. The service is available 24 hours a day, but motorists should reserve a space in advance. Additional services are offered as well, such as delivery of your vehicle directly to the Car Valet operating in the departure area, and a wide range of vehicle care and maintenance options.

Payments for the use of parking facilities at Bologna can be made in cash at the machines in the arrivals area of the terminal, or at the parking control office near the exit of the P2 parking area. Bancomat payments are also accepted at the parking office, while credit cards can be used at the exit of the car parks as you are driving out. When paying at the machines or office before collecting your vehicle, you have fifteen minutes to leave the parking area. There are also reserved parking spaces nearby the terminal for disabled drivers.