Bologna to Luxembourg Flights

A selection of 2 airliners offer flights to Findel to Guglielmo Marconi, Luxair and ITA Airways. The journey time flying from Guglielmo Marconi to Findel Luxembourg is around 1 Hour 37 Minutes. With the distance covered being 684 Km (425 Miles). The airport code for Guglielmo Marconi is BLQ and for Findel it is LUX.

The price of the flight is dependent on the time of the day you fly (if there is a choice) and the day of the week with weekends being normally a higher price. Findel Luxembourg flights may be normally booked months in advance and this may be the best option if you intend to get the best prices from Guglielmo Marconi. Flights to Findel Luxembourg normally increase in price the nearer the journey date, so it is worth trying to book your tickets in advance if you can.

The table below shows the amount of daily flights in operation from Guglielmo Marconi (BLQ) to Findel (LUX).

AirlinerMoTuWeThFrSaSuFirst FlightLast Flight
ITA Airways010010008:2008:40

Luxair offer the most direct flights from Guglielmo Marconi to Findel with an average of 0 flights a week. The earliest flights are operated at 08:20 and the latest flights operated at 08:40 and the most common flight numbers are LG6582

Contact Luxair at to booking a flight or find up to date information on the flight times.

Below you can see all the times when Luxair fly. These flight times do vary so we recommend you look on the Luxair website for accurate information for the dates you are departing.

DayFlight Times

You may instead fly from Guglielmo Marconi and arrive at Findel by an alternative airport or airports. The summary of this is in the table below.

RouteStopsDistanceFlying Time
Bologna to Brussels0871 km (541 miles)1 Hour 50 Minutes
Bologna to Cologne0769 km (478 miles)1 Hour 43 Minutes
Bologna to Brussels Charleroi Brussels South0835 km (519 miles)1 Hour 48 Minutes
Bologna to Dusseldorf0823 km (511 miles)1 Hour 47 Minutes
Bologna to Eindhoven0885 km (550 miles)1 Hour 51 Minutes
Bologna to Frankfurt0645 km (401 miles)1 Hour 34 Minutes

Before departing Guglielmo Marconi please check that you are holding a valid passport.

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