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Perugia Airport (PEG) Taxis

Perugia Airport is the only airport in the Umbria region of Italy, and is found just 12 km from the city of Perugia, which is the capital of Umbria. The airport is also well known as San Egidio Airport, and has the official airport code of PEG. This is a very small Italian airport, serving just a couple hundred thousand passengers per year, but is popular for its friendliness and efficient services. The regions of Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, the Marches and Lazio surround Umbria, while the airport is also nearby smaller towns, such as Assisi, Deruta, Spoleto and Todi. The major Italian cities of Rome, Florence and Naples are also within driving distance of Perugia Airport. Taxis are available as a means of transport from the airport, and although always more expensive than bus services, taxis are a quick and convenient service.

Taxis are available at every Italian airport, including Perugia Airport. Some passengers think that taking a taxi is far too expensive, while others wouldn’t consider any other form of transport, and have no troubling in paying the taxi fares. It is mainly a matter of personal preference, and perhaps budget as well. The bus services to Perugia would be far more convenient for those who have more time to spare and perhaps who feel the taxi fare would take too much out of their pockets. Passengers, who need to get to their destination directly, and more quickly, will find a taxi to be suitable. A taxi is convenient since it can take you to any area in Perugia, whether it is a residence, hotel or place of business. A taxi does not make other stops on the way to your destination, like a bus, and is therefore much quicker. Taxis are often used by business passengers who have little time to spare, or families, who find it an easier trip when compared to loading and offloading children and baggage at the various bus stations.

Perugia Airport taxis are found outside the arrival area of the terminal building. The terminal building is small and easy to find your way around, with a few facilities including an ATM, coffee bar, restaurant, a newsagent and a ticket office. Passengers can simply walk outside the terminal and hire a taxi, or make sure that one will be available at their time of arrival, by phoning the taxi company in advance.

Passengers at airports in Italy should only use authorized taxis for travelling to their next destination. In some airports of Italy, unlicensed drivers who are not permitted to offer rides from the airport try to ‘find’ customers in the arrival areas. This is mainly an issue in larger Italian airports, but it is a good fact of which to be aware. Always decline these services and go straight to the taxi rank at the airport. The official airport taxis will be waiting here, and their drivers will be at their vehicles, and not in the arrival areas.

Taxis in Italy are usually white or yellow in colour, and display a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They also have an identification number on their sides, which is the official number of the taxi. Should you have any complaints against the driver, this number can be used to identify him. Taxis in Italy run on a meter, which means that the fare is calculated per kilometre travelled. The first few kilometres are usually more expensive, and there may be an upfront cost regardless of how far your destination. The further the journey the less you pay per kilometre. Passengers should always ensure their taxi’s meter is turned on and in working condition, but are also advised to confirm with the driver the average price before leaving the airport. There may also be additional costs that are not included in the metered fare. These may be added for luggage loaded, extra passengers, or travelling late at night or on public holidays. Your driver should be able to tell you which costs will be applicable to your journey.

A taxi can also take you back to Perugia Airport for a departure flight, and they are available from various areas in the city of Perugia. There is a taxi rank at the main railway station, known as Stazione Fontivegge, and at the main bus station, in Piazza Italia. Another taxi rank can be found at Corso Vannucci. The service of Radio Taxi is available during the busier tourist season from October to September, twenty-four hours a day, but during the other months of the year from 06:00 to 02:00.

Further information about taxis at Perugia Airport is available from the airport’s website, at
If you intend to travel around the area during your stay, it might be more economical to rent a car at Perugia Airport.

Taxi prices from/to Perugia Airport

Rome 135 minutes 185 KM
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