Perugia Airport Parking

Perugia Airport is also commonly referred to as the San Egidio Airport, and is located approximately twelve kilometres from the city of Perugia. It is also twelve kilometres from the small town of Assisi. The airport lies in Italy’s Umbria region, which is the only region on the peninsula that has no coastline, however, the coast is not far away, and can be easily reached by car. Umbria has the regions of Tuscany to the west, Emilia Romagna to the north, the Marches to the east and Lazio is found to the south. Perugia is known for being a very friendly airport, with helpful staff members, and efficient in its operations as well. Another reason why many people like the airport is because its parking facilities are free of charge.

The airport is a very small Italian Airport, handling only a few hundred thousand passengers per year, but does offer a few international flights, and a small variety of domestic flights. The main airline companies in operation at the airport are Ryanair, Belle Air and Skybridge AirOps, of which Ryanair holds the majority of destinations. The main destinations served by these airline carriers are Trapani, Milan Malpensa and London-Stansted. Ryanair has boosted the passenger traffic at twenty-two different airports in Italy, since its start of business in the year 2000, and today is one of the most preferred airline carriers in the world.

There are no major facilities at the airport, due to the fact that it is such a small airport, but there is a restaurant and a very popular coffee bar, a newsagent and tobacconist, an ATM and a variety of car hire companies. Another aspect of Perugia Airport that many motorists find appealing is its free parking facilities. It is not often where you come across an airport that offers parking for no charge; in fact, free parking is a rare find in any Italian city, not just at an airport. Therefore, at the airport, there are no worries about loosing your parking ticket, making parking payments before leaving the airport or paying a fortune for leaving your car at the airport for a few weeks. Parking can be so pricey at airports that its better value to rather pay for a taxi for transport if you need to be away for a while. There are also no short-term parking and long-term parking sections in Perugia Airport parking lot, since it is all for free, and the different time periods of parking are irrelevant.

Many smaller airports in Italy still allow passengers to be dropped off at the curbside of the terminal building, while at many larger airports this option has been prohibited due to the safety of passengers. At larger airports, motorists are now required to drop-off or pick-up arriving or departing passengers in the short-term parking areas. There may even be free parking available for the first fifteen minutes to half an hour. Vehicles at the curbside of airport terminals should never be left unattended for any reason, as they will be towed, and they should also not be parked in this area for long periods of time. You will be asked to move along. It is simply an area for dropping off passengers and their baggage, or for collecting arriving passengers who are already waiting at the curbside. It is therefore often called the drop-off zone at airports.

At airports small and large, there are sometimes valet parking services available. This is a great option for passengers who have little time to spare finding parking, or for those individuals who simply like the VIP treatment. It is also a very good option for families travelling with small children, who find it easier to go directly to the terminal, and not need to transport luggage and children from the parking areas to the check-in area. A passenger using this service will drop his/her car off at the designated car valet service point, and a staff member will park the car on the passenger’s behalf, usually in a secure parking area. However, for an airport the size of Perugia, and since they don’t offer extensive charged parking areas, its unlikely that valet parking services are an option.

Since that all airports are required by law to accommodate for the needs of disabled passengers, there are a few spaces in the parking lot that are reserved for disabled drivers. If you park in one of these spaces, it is best to display your disabled person’s parking badge, so that it is known that your vehicle is allowed to be parked there. Reserved parking spaces for disabled passengers are usually located as nearby to the entrance of the terminal building as possible.

Perugia, and its parking area is easy to reach by motorcar, as the airport is connected to many major towns and cities by a number of prominent roads and motorways. Some of which are the A1 del Sole Motorway, the A45 road, which leads directly to Perugia, and the A14 Adriatic Motorway, which runs along the coast on the eastern side of the peninsula, connecting areas such as Rimini, Ancona, Pesaro and Bologna. The smaller towns of Citta di Castello, Assisi, Deruta, Todi and Gubbio are all found nearby Perugia, and the major Italian cities of Rome, Florence, Naples and Bologna are not too far away either.

Passengers will enjoy the wonderful and homely feel to the service offered, and enjoy saving a bit of money on airport parking.

Map of Car Parks at Perugia Airport

Map of Car Parks at Perugia