Trapani Airport Taxis (TPS)

Trapani Airport is found in Western Sicily, and is an important Italian airport for the region. In terms of passenger traffic, it is the third largest airport on the island of Sicily, and in 2010, handled over 1.5 million passengers. Other names used for Trapani Airport include the Birgi Airport, due to it’s location next to Birgi, and the Vicenzo Florio Airport, in honour of a Sicilian wine enthusiast. The airport has the official code of TPS. Trapani Airport taxis are available for the transport of arriving passengers, and are a convenient way to reach any of the nearby towns. Taxis are more expensive than bus services, but are still preferred by many passengers.

The airport of Trapani consists of a single terminal building that was renovated and expanded in 2009 to allow departure proceedings to be handled from the first floor. Further parking spaces were also built. The terminal is well equipped to receive passengers, as well as for the needs of departing passengers. The transport services available at Trapani Airport are all convenient to use, as they are within easy walking distance of the terminal. The options include Trapani Airport taxis, and the taxi rank of the airport is found just outside of the arrival hall, in front of the terminal, and opposite to the main entrance.

Taxis are almost always available at the rank, especially when flights are landing at the airport, however, their services can be reserved in advance. Passengers who arrive to find no taxis waiting can go to the information desk in the arrival hall, and ask someone to call a taxi on their behalf. This service is usually performed free of charge at the majority of airports. The staff at the information desk can also provide information about the taxi services at the airport, for example, the average cost to your destination and which taxis to use, as only official Trapani Airport taxis are permitted to provide transport from the airport. Any service offered in the arrival hall which has not been pre-arranged should be declined, as this driver may not have authorisation to drive a taxi from the airport. By taking this service, you stand the risk of being overcharged, having no official company to call in order to lodge a complaint and you may end up travelling in a vehicle that is not properly licensed and insured.

The airport taxi companies are able to provide service of a high quality, and transport passengers in vehicles which are regularly checked for safety. The drivers of the vehicles should also be friendly and helpful, and able to speak English as well as Italian. Taxi drivers are also very knowledgeable about the area in which they drive, and can be a good source of information for tourists, for example, recommending a good restaurant or a cheaper place of accommodation. They also know the main tourist attractions of the area, and sometimes a tour by taxi can be arranged.

Taxis in Italy, and at Trapani Airport, are metered, and the rates which are charged are set by the Municipality of Trapani. They cannot be largely altered by the taxi driver or passenger. The vehicle should be equipped with a meter device that is turned on and in working condition, and this records the number of kilometres travelled on the journey. For each kilometre, inclusive of return, the rate is currently at 1.30 Euro, and the minimum rate charged is 13.50 Euro. There is also a starting fee of 2.70 Euro. The first kilometre of travel may also be more expensive. Taxi rates in Trapani are cheaper when travelling on weekdays and Saturdays, between the hours of 07:00 and 22:00, and a little more expensive from 22:00 to 07:00, on Sundays and on public holidays. Additional charges could also include fees for luggage loaded, more than four adult passengers in the vehicle and for animals transported in the vehicle.

Passengers can discuss the details of their journey with the taxi driver before leaving Trapani Airport, and should always have some idea of what costs are involved. At airport locations, there are sometimes a list of taxi fares to popular destinations in the arrival hall, nearby the information desk. From Trapani Airport, taxis run frequently to the city of Trapani, and this journey will cost approximately 30.00 Euro, as Trapani is about 15km from the airport. The cost of the journey will vary depending on your chosen destination, and other factors, such as the time of day and luggage items etc.

Taxis may also be convenient for reaching a departure flight at Trapani Airport, and in the city, can be called to come and collect you from any location. Keep in mind however, that the metre of the taxi is switched on when the driver leaves his station. There is also a supplement charge for the call, of about 1.50 Euro. The taxi will take you directly to the airport, and drop you off in front of the departure area. If you are in the city, you may also find taxis at busy public squares and at the train station.

Although a few buses provide transport for passengers, the Trapani Airport taxis are used by many, as a faster and more convenient way to reach a private residence, place of business or hotel accommodation.