Trapani Airport Parking

Trapani Airport is found between the two cities of Trapani and Marsala, along the western coastline of the island of Sicily. This Italian airport is an important gateway to the region, and handles over 1.5 million passengers per annum. Many refer to the airport as the Trapani-Birgi Airport, or another name commonly used is the Vicenzo Florio Airport, after a Sicilian wine industrialist. The airport has the IATA code of TPS. Motorists can drive their vehicle to the airport as parking facilities are provided. The Trapani Airport parking lots cater for long and short-term stays, and are paid parking areas.

Trapani Airport can be easily reached from Trapani via the SS115 and SP21 roads, or from Palermo, the region capital of Sicily, from where the A29 Autostrada provides direct access. From areas far south of the airport, such as Mazara del Vallo, motorists should travel the SS115, and from Marsala, either the SP21 or the SS115 lead to the airport. Trapani airport is approximately 15km, or 9.2 miles from Trapani and Marsala, 26km from Erice found to the north of Trapani, 40km from Mazara del Vallo and 65km from Castelvetrano. Palermo is about 115km from the airport. Passengers will find a well equipped and newly renovated terminal building with all the facilities they require, and a choice of a few parking areas. The Trapani Airport car parks are all within walking distance of the terminal, and are therefore very convenient.

Trapani Airport Parking – P1

In 2009, Trapani Airport was expanded, and is now able to handle departure proceedings from the first floor of the terminal building. There is also a new area dedicated to all food and beverage suppliers and retail outlets on the first floor. The changes to the airport building affected the car parking area as well. Approximately a hundred new spaces were added to the long-term car park, known as P1, and more spaces for disabled passengers were made available.

P1 is considered as the long-term car park of the airport, but may be used for any length of stay. It has a total of 658 spaces available, and is located nearby the airport terminal. In general, short-term stays in this area will be more expensive than for stays in the parking lot allocated to short-term parking, and long-term stays will be cheaper. The following tariffs can be used as a general guideline: Fifteen minutes – €1.00, up to an hour – €3.50, up to two hours – €3.50, up to five hours – €5.50, up to nine hours – €6.50, up to sixteen hours – €9.00 and up to twenty-four hours – €13.00. Two days of parking will cost €21.00, up to three days will cost €29.00 and up to four days will cost €34.00. Each day thereafter will cost an additional €7.50.

Trapani Airport Parking – P2

This parking lot has 51 spaces available, and is ideal for anyone waiting for arriving passengers or dropping off departing passengers, as the first fifteen minutes of parking is free of charge. In this parking lot, the following tariffs apply: Up to an hour – €1.50, up to two hours – €5.00, up to five hours – €10.00, up to nine hours – €14.00, up to sixteen hours – €17.00 and up to twenty-four hours – €20.00. Two days will cost €30.00, three days will cost €40.00 and up to four days will cost €50.00. Each day thereafter will cost €10.00. Outside the car park there are eighteen spaces for handicap parking, and these areas are marked with international symbols and are immediately visible. They should only be used by persons with disabilities.

Parking payments should be made before you return to your vehicle in the Trapani Airport car parks. There are automatic payment machines available in the arrivals hall that take cash, or debit and credit cards can be used at the Airgest ticket counter. Keep in mind that the machines will only take €50.00 bills for payments of €30.00 or more. An online payment method may be available soon. One the exit coupon has been acquired, the car park should be left within fifteen minutes. Passengers who have lost their entry ticket, received when they arrived at the car park, will be liable to a fee of €150.00. They will also need to prove that they are the legal owners of the vehicle.

The Trapani Airport car parks are to be used at the motorist’s own risk, and the airport authorities cannot be held responsible for any damages sustained to vehicles or other items of property whilst in the car park, or for any incident of theft which occurs. Motorists should only use the parking lots for their designed purpose, by observing the signs and road markings, and by parking vehicles in the marked spaces. Vehicles parked illegally, or abandoned vehicles, can be removed by the car park operators, and all expenses incurred will be charged to the owner of the vehicle.

Additionally, during the expansion of Trapani Airport, a new car park was built for the vehicles of the car hire companies, with a total of 162 spaces. There are also pick-up or drop-off lanes running past the terminal building, which can be used for ‘parking’ of a minute or two. The driver may not leave the vehicle unattended in this area.

Information regarding Trapani Airport parking can be obtained from the airport, at the telephone number of +39 0 9238402.

Map of Car Parks at Trapani Airport

Map of Car Parks at Trapani