Turin Airport Taxis (TRN)

Turin Airport is also commonly referred to as Turin-Caselle Airport, due to its location nearby the town of Caselle, or Sandro Pertini Airport, after a former Italian president. Its official airport code is TRN, and it is located approximately 16 km from the city center of Turin. Turin is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists, as it is nearby the sea, and the mountains that are famous for being used in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games for skiing, and other snow related activities. Over three and a half million passengers use the airport each year. Various transport options are available from the airport, including taxi services. Many passengers enjoy the convenience and privacy of a trip by taxi.

The taxi rank at the airport is found outside of the Arrivals level, which is on the ground floor of the terminal building. Simply exit the terminal and turn to the left. There is only one fairly large terminal at the Airport, which is modern and well equipped with various facilities for arriving and departing passengers. There are also a few bus services that provide transport to many locations, but sometimes passengers prefer to use a taxi. Taxis can be more convenient for many reasons, for example, they are always available at the airport at any time, and they will take you to the doorstep of your residence, hotel or business office. The taxi driver will also assist you with your luggage.

There are two main taxi companies at the airport, and both of these companies can be contacted if you would like to make a reservation in advance for a taxi service. Pronto Taxi can be contacted at +39 011 5737, and Radio Taxi can be called at +39 011 5730, or at +39 011 3399. Pronto Taxi and Radio Taxi are reputable companies, which are licensed to provide their services from the airport.

Passengers arriving at Turin Airport are advised to use only the official taxi services at the airport, from the companies mentioned above, and to avoid any service offered by a driver in the arrivals hall. It can sometimes happen that an unlicensed taxi driver whom offers you a cheaper service approaches you. It is best to decline these offers, as these taxis are often under-insured and not permitted to operate from the airport. It often happens that such persons also overcharge customers, and there is no way to lodge a complaint against them.

Taxis in Italy are usually white or yellow in colour, and can be recognized by the ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They should also have an identifying number on one side, which is usually the drivers side, that can be quoted to the complaints department should you experience any problems with the driver. Taxis in Italy run on a metered system, but sometimes have set fares to popular destinations. A meter is the device in the taxi that records the length of your trip, and then calculates the taxi fare accordingly. Passengers should always ensure that the meter in their taxi is turned on and in working condition, however, it is advisable to confirm the price of your journey before leaving the airport. It is rather difficult to argue the price once the trip has been completed.

Keep in mind that there could be additional charges not included in the metered rate for various services. Taxis often charge extra for luggage loaded, late night driving, driving on a public holiday, or over weekends, for animals travelling in the taxi, or for more than four passengers in the taxi. It is best to ask your driver to explain which of these additional costs will be applicable to your journey. Passengers should also ensure that their luggage items would fit into the back of the taxi, especially if they are carrying very awkward items. It will be quite expensive to pay for two taxis just to transport your luggage. A private transfer, or hiring a minivan may be a better option if this is the case.

Disabled passengers arriving at Turin Airport may use the special transport service operated by the Rotary Club of Torino Dora, the airport management company (SAGAT S.p.A), the Council for Disadvantaged Persons and the San Marco-Rolfi company. At present, this service is available to any municipal area within the city limits of Turin for a unified charge. A Citroën Jumper vehicle is used, which is able to transport three persons whom make use of a wheelchair, or four persons with reduced mobility whom are able to walk. A specially trained volunteer is present on the journey to assist the passengers. The transport service can be found outside the arrivals area, just in front of the First Aid Office in an area that is easily accessible to disabled passengers.

Taxi services are also available from Turin city and other surrounding areas. There are usually taxi ranks at all the main train and bus stations of the city, and at any popular public or tourist area. Taxis can also be called to come and collect you from your destination. Although taxis in Italy are not known to be very successfully hailed from the street, this is possible should they be empty.

A taxi will transport passengers from the airport to the downtown for between 30 and 50 Euros, and the journey is about half an hour, depending on traffic conditions. Further information on Turin taxi services at the airport is available from the information points in the arrivals area of the terminal.