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The airport is located approximately 16 km north of Turin’s city center, and also nearby to the areas of Caselle Torinese, Colombretto, San Maurizo Canavese and Malanghero. Turin is the capital city of Italy’s Piedmont region, and this area is increasingly growing in popularity. Passenger traffic has also grown to over three and a half million passengers per year. The airport is well equipped for its arriving and departing passengers, with many useful facilities within its terminal building. Departing passengers will find plenty of car parking spaces available, for various lengths of parking periods.

The airport consists of one fairly large and modern terminal building, which was recently completed renovated for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. The airport was, at this time, also extended to allow for a greater capacity of passengers. Five million passengers can use the airport each year, but currently the airport only handles over three million passengers, therefore it is a very comfortable terminal building with plenty of wide spaces and waiting areas. The parking areas at Turin Airport are more than adequate, and offer a wide choice of areas, some of which are under cover. There are parking spaces ideal for short-term parking periods, and also for longer term parking requirements. In total, there are approximately 3,000 parking spaces at the airport.

For security reasons, motorists are not permitted to drop off passengers in front of the terminal building. Any vehicle in this area, in particular those which are left unattended, will be fined and towed away. Motorists can use the short-term parking area for offloading passengers and their baggage, and this area should also be used for those who need to wait for arriving passengers. All the parking areas at Turin Airport are within easy walking distance of the terminal building.  

Short-stay Parking

There is a parking area named P07 at the airport that is ideal for short-term parking. This area is found on the access road to the airport, about a hundred meters from the terminal. It is an open-air car park, with about 190 parking spaces. Passengers should use this area for stays of between 24 and 48 hours, or for just a few minutes/hours, as the first 40 minutes of parking in P07 is free of charge. It is therefore ideal for dropping off departing passengers, or for the collection of arriving passengers.

Parking is charged per hour after the first free 40 minutes of use, up until eight hours. Thereafter, a day of parking will cost €11.00, two days €18.00, three days €50.00, four days €64.00 and five days €68.00. This parking area does get rather expensive after two days of parking, therefore, if you need to leave your vehicle for this length of time at the airport, ensure that you use the long term parking area.

Long-stay Parking

Long-stay open-air parking is available at the P10 parking lot, located at the entrance to the airport grounds. This is the furthest parking area from the terminal, but still within walking distance. It is about 250 meters from the building. P10 has 160 parking spaces, and is ideally used for two or more days of parking (medium stay parking periods). Up to four hours of parking in P10 will cost €12.00 and up to eight hours will cost €15.00. One day of parking will cost €22.00, while two days is around €36.00. After two days of parking the charges are much cheaper. Three days of parking will cost the same as one day of parking, and a week of parking will only cost €38.00. In terms of cost, it is best not to use this parking area for short-term stays.

Multi-storey Parking Areas

The multi-storey parking garage is used for all kinds of parking, from short-term to long-term, and for disabled persons as well. It has six floors, of which five offers covered parking facilities. These floors have a total of 2,500 parking spaces, while the open top floor has 480 spaces available. The multi-storey parking garage is only 35 meters from the terminal, and allows direct access to the arrival and departure areas via covered walkways.

Floor 0 of the multi-storey parking garage is used for short-term parking, and has 150 spaces available. It is also the area which is the nearest to the terminal building. Floor 1 and 2 have the majority of the parking spaces, and can be used for long or short-term stays. Floor 2 is particularly devoted to providing parking for disabled passengers. There are 38 spaces reserved for individuals with special needs, and these can be used for free provided the motorist can display a disabled parking permit issued by their municipality of residence. The multi-storey car park also offers seven lifts for access to all levels, and restrooms that are equipped for the use of disabled persons. Disabled drivers may also use the couple of reserved spaces at the Arrivals and Departures level at the airport terminal, and the single space available at the general aviation terminal for offloading and loading of passengers and their luggage.   

Members of the Free-to-Fly Program will soon allocate the fourth floor of the building for use, and the top floor is for longer term parking of more than six days. Parking is also available for motorbikes next to the manned Car Park Cash Desk, and this is a covered parking area.

Passengers can pay for parking  at the cash machines in the Multi-storey car park, or at the manned Car Park Cash Desk.
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