Alghero Airport Taxis

Alghero Airport is located approximately 8 km from the seaside town of Alghero, and nearby a number of other interesting towns, such as Zuari and Vilanove Monteleone. The town of Fertilia is also only 5 km from the airport, and for this reason, the airport is commonly referred to as Alghero-Fertilia. Another name for the airport is Riviera del Corallo Airport. Located in north-western Sardinia, Alghero is one of the three main airports of this region, and handles around one and a half million passengers per year. Various transport options are available for arriving and departing passengers, which include taxi services. Taxi services, although more expensive than the bus, are extremely popular. 

The airport consists of a single terminal building which is very easy to navigate, with arrivals on one side and departures on the other. There are seven boarding gates at the airport, and one secure boarding lounge, while the arrivals area has two baggage carousels. Just recently, the air terminal was completely modernized and upgraded, to create a comfortable yet functional building for the use of all passengers. The airport also has a wide variety of facilities. Passengers can get to or leave from the airport by bus or taxi. Taxis are a very popular option for many passengers, as they provide an efficient and fast service to any destination. 

Taxis are easy to find at Alghero Airport, as they are all parked in the taxi rank just outside the arrivals area. Passengers can simply exit the airport and catch a taxi, or phone in advance, and book one for the time of their arrival. Taxi services can be reserved 24 hours a day via their switchboard operators. The numbers to contact are as follows:  (+39) 079 975396 or (+39) 079 9892028.

Passengers are often warned at Italian airports to only use the official Alghero Airport taxis. It can happen that you are approached in the arrivals area by a driver who offers you a cheaper service. Drivers such as these are often not permitted to provide taxi services from the airports, and their vehicles may also be underinsured. It is difficult to file a complaint against unlicensed taxi drivers should you experience unprofessional service, as they may not have any official numbers or identification. All official airport taxis will be parked in the taxi rank at the airport, and their drivers will be waiting at their vehicles, and will not be ‘looking’ for customers in the arrival areas. 

Taxis in Italy are usually white or yellow in color, and can be identified by the ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They will also have a number on the side (usually the driver’s side), by which the taxi can be identified. Taxis at Alghero Airport and in most areas of Italy, run on a metered system. A meter is the device which records the number of kilometers travelled on your journey, and the taxi fare is then calculated accordingly. There may be higher rates for the first few kilometers traveled. There are also sometimes set fares to certain more popular destinations. Passengers should always ensure that their taxi’s meter is turned on and in working condition, and it is always advised to discuss the approximate taxi fare with the driver before leaving the airport. It is rather difficult to argue the price once the journey has been completed. 

There are many reasons why some passengers prefer a taxi service to a bus service. A taxi offers a more private journey, and is generally faster than a bus, as often a bus needs to stop at many locations along the way. Taxis will also drive you directly to the doorstep of your residence, hotel or place of business, and the drivers are mostly willing to assist you with your baggage. A taxi may also be easier if you are traveling with young children, or if you have very heavy luggage to transport. 

Taxis are, however, much more expensive than a local or regional bus service, and the metered price may not include any extra fees which are quite customary to be added. There may be extra charges for luggage loaded, late night driving or driving on a Sunday or bank holiday, more than four passengers, and even animals in the taxi. Your taxi driver should be able to provide you with more details as to which charges will be applicable to your journey. 

In Alghero, or other towns in Sardinia, taxis are mainly found at the main bus and railway stations, or at busy tourist or public locations. It is not often that a taxi is hailed from the streets in Sardinia, but can be done, and the taxi may stop if it is empty. It is better however to call and make an arrangement for one to collect you from your location. 

Since that the airport is so nearby to the town of Alghero, a taxi is the most convenient form of transport from or to the airport. Further information about the taxi services is available from the tourist information desk in the arrivals area.