Taxis to and from Cagliari Airport (CAG)

Cagliari Airport is an international establishment, and the most important airport in Sardinia, Italy. Three million passengers pass through the airport’s terminal building each year. It is located in Elmas, and is therefore often referred to as Cagliari-Elmas Airport, and is only 7 km away from Cagliari itself. Another common name for this airport is Aeroporto Mario Mameli. Passengers can choose from a variety of transportation options when leaving the airport, or when traveling to the airport for a departure flight. One popular means of transport is by taxi, and there are many taxis available outside the Arrivals area.

There are three Cagliari Airport taxi services available – ‘Quattro Mori’, or Cooperativa Radio Taxi; ‘Rossoblù’; and ‘Taxiamico’, or Consorzio Imprese Artigiane, a taxi service in Quartu Sant’ Elena. These taxi companies can be contacted telephonically, or passengers can find out more information about them from their websites. ‘Quattro Mori’s’ telephone number is 070-400101, their website address is, or enquiries can be sent to their email address, at The number to contact ‘Rossoblù’ is 070-6655, and their email address is ‘Taxiamico’ can be contacted at 070-826060, their website address is, and their email address is All these taxi companies are available 24 hours a day, except for ‘Rossoblù’, which operates between the hours of 05:30 am and 02:30 am.

Using the services of a taxi to reach your destination is the easiest form of transport available, because it generally requires no prior arrangements or pre-planning. However, passengers must be aware of how the taxis operate and the extra charges which may be applicable to their journey in order to use them effectively. Taxis are always the most expensive way to travel, but this cost, if properly determined, can be considered worthwhile for the convenience and speed of the trip.

Passengers arriving at Cagliari Airport should only use the legitimate taxi companies mentioned above, and these taxis are usually white or yellow in color. They display a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof, and have an identifying number on their sides (usually the driver’s door side of the vehicle). This number can be quoted to the company if you experience any difficulties with the driver. Under no circumstance should passengers use any taxi service offered to them in the arrivals area of the airport, as these are often illegitimate drivers who may try to overcharge you for the journey. Even if they offer cheaper prices, it is a wiser choice to catch a taxi from the taxi rank at the airport. Legitimate taxis and their drivers will be waiting in this area for passengers, they do not go to ‘look for’ business in the arrivals area.

All taxis should have a meter, and this is the device which determines how far you have traveled and how much is owed for the taxi fare, together with any extra charges which may be applicable. Do not use a taxi whose meter is broken, and always discuss the taxi fare with the driver before you leave if you are unsure of how it will be determined. It is required by law for the taxi to be metered. Extra charges may include late night driving or travel on Sundays and bank holidays. Higher nightly rates are usually applicable from 22:00 to 06:00. There may also be charges for each item of luggage loaded, more than four passengers, animals transported and waiting time at the airport. Animals in a suitable box or carrier are often not a problem to take with you in the taxi, but there are usually extra charges associated with this service, unless the animal is a guide dog for a visually impaired individual, in which case the animal may ride for free.

Departing passengers who need to travel to the airport may find the taxis to be a useful form of transport as well. There are many taxis available in Italian cities, and they are usually found at all the main bus or train stations, major tourist locations or large public areas. Visitors have not found much success in hailing a taxi from the street, but this is not to say that a taxi will never stop for you, provided that they are empty at the time. However, it is better to simply go to one of the taxi ranks in the city. Taxis can also be called to come and fetch you from your destination, but be aware that their meter will start running from where they leave to come and collect you, and not from your starting point. Therefore, it will be more expensive to call for a taxi.

Besides Cagliari taxi services, passengers can make use of the other private shuttle buses available. These buses are often a popular way to travel to hotels or holiday resorts in the area. Companies offering these services will have a website where you can book their services in advance of your flight. In some cases, hotels also offer a complementary transport service to and from the airport.

Although one needs to use the taxi services in Italy with caution, most passengers arriving or departing from Cagliari have found the taxi drivers to be honest and courteous, and their taxi trip quick, convenient and comfortable, well worth the extra expense.