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Car Hire at Cagliari Airport - Information

Cagliari Airport has all the passenger amenities required for an international airport, including a wide range of car hire companies. This airport is considered to be an important gateway to this area of Sardinia Island, and many passengers, whether it be for leisure or business purposes, require the use of a rented vehicle. Most people agree that having your own hired car is the ideal way to explore Cagliari and its beautiful surrounding areas and holiday resorts. The airport is only 7 km from Cagliari, and situated in Elmas, therefore it is often referred to as Cagliari-Elmas Airport as well. Another name given to this airport is Aeroporto Mario Mameli.

Car hire companies available include many of the popular international brands, as well as more local companies. There are the services of Thrifty, Europcar, National, Alamo, Sixt, Avis, Hertz, Easycar, Budget and Auto Europa, as well as Sardinya Rent A Car, Eurorent, Pinna Rent A Car, Matta Rent A Car, Ruvioli Rent A Car and Pintauro Rent A Car. All the car rental companies can be found in the arrivals area.

Vehicles can be hired directly from the counters of the car hire companies, or customers can book their vehicle in advance, from their chosen company’s website. Their websites are usually very comprehensive and professional, and display all the vehicles or car categories available at the airport. There are also usually pictures of the example vehicles available in each category, along with their seating and luggage capacities, and other general vehicle features. Most car hire companies require their customers to choose one of these car categories when renting a vehicle, rather than a car by its specific make and model. However, Hertz is one company which does offer the choice of renting by car make and model, and they have three categories filled with vehicles which can be more specifically reserved. This is perhaps one of Hertz’s features which makes them so popular. Vehicle categories usually include Economy, which are small, practical and fuel efficient vehicles, Compact, including vehicles of a similar size to those in the Economy category, Intermediate, Standard and Fullsize, containing slightly larger vehicles with more spacious interiors and room for luggage, Premium or Luxury, which are vehicles that are more stylish and elegant than the ordinary rented vehicle, and ideal for prestigious business functions, and SUV or Minivan, a car category consisting of larger sized vehicles which can seat between five and twelve people.

Most car hire companies offer extra equipment for rent. These items may include child safety or booster seats, satellite navigation systems and luggage racks. The road rules in Italy are very strict regarding seat belts, therefore parents of young children should ensure that they are prepared for their journey by reserving the correct sized seat for their child/children. The age of the child is usually required by the company so that they can provide you with the correct seat. Many passengers enjoy driving with a satellite navigation system, as it eliminates all worries of getting lost. The GPS units offered by the car hire companies are state-of-the-art pieces of technology, offering features such as a choice of languages, continuous road maps, real-time traffic updates, color touch-screens, easy-to-use interfaces and extensive lists of pre-programmed points of interest. Points of interest usually include hotels, restaurants, gas stations, golf courses, tourist attractions etc. A very useful tool for finding your way around any destination in Italy. Certain car hire companies, like Sixt for example, even include a satellite navigation system in the rental of their vehicles. Most of Sixt’s vehicles will have a GPS unit if there is one available at the time of your rental, while there are also certain vehicles which are guaranteed to have a satellite navigation system.

All vehicles reserved from the Cagliari Airport car rental companies will start the rental period with a full tank of fuel, but customers have various options when returning their vehicles. The first option is usually to pre-pay for a full tank of fuel ahead of the rental period, which then allows you to return the vehicle empty. This is the best option if you are sure that you will be using all, or most of the fuel. The second option allows customers to avoid paying upfront for their fuel, but then they should re-fuel the vehicle before returning it. A good option if you are unsure of how much fuel you will be using. As a third option, customers do not have to pre-pay for their fuel, and can still return the vehicle empty. However, in this case, customers will be charged at the return locations per-liter re-fueling rate, which could be higher than that of the conventional gas stations. A convenient option if you don’t mind the extra costs, and would rather like to save the time and hassle of re-fueling.

The primary renter at any of the car hire companies at Cagliari Airport is required to be at least 21 years of age, and be in possession of a valid drivers license. The license must have been held by the person in their country of residence for at least one year as well. UK drivers need to have both parts of their drivers license available, and foreign renters may be required to have an International Driving Permit. Younger individuals between the ages of 21 and 25 may pay a higher rental rate than usual, and may also not be allowed to rent certain specialty and larger sized vehicles. Major credit cards accepted by most car rental companies include American Express, Eurocard, Diners Club, Mastercard and Visa. Some the companies have their own Charge cards as well.

General airport enquiries can be make at the information points in the terminal building, and additional car hire information is available on the airport’s official website, at

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