Low Cost Cagliari Airport Parking

Cagliari is a well equipped and modern international airport offering all the amenities required for arriving and departing passengers. Its terminal building was recently upgraded in June 2003, and is now capable of handling four million passengers per year. The airport’s facilities include large paid and free parking areas which are situated nearby the terminal. The airport is also known as Aeroporto Mario Mameli, or Cagliari-Elmas Airport, as it is situated in the territory of Elmas, only 7 km away from Cagliari. Cagliari is on the Italian island of Sardinia, and the airport is a major gateway to this spectacular region of Italy.

In total, Cagliari offers 1,700 parking spaces for passengers with their own vehicles. There are two paid parking areas and four free parking areas. Motorists can park for long or short periods of time, and there are also areas which are dedicated for the loading and unloading of passengers and baggage. All the parking areas are within a short distance from the terminal building.

A free parking area is available for tourist coaches and rented cars with drivers. This area is located at the Arrivals Exit.

Paid Parking Areas

The two paid parking areas at Cagliari Airport are called the Land Side, or P2 parking area, and the Multistory, or P1 parking area.

The Land Side parking area has 168 spaces available, and is suitable for short-term parking requirements. It is an uncovered area situated nearby the Arrivals area of the terminal. Charges for parking in this area are €1.00 for up to one hour, €2.50 for parking of up to two hours, €4.00 for up to three hours, €6.00 for up to four hours, €15.00 for parking up to twelve hours, and 24 hours of parking is charged at €18.00. From the second day of parking the daily rate is €10.00, from the eighth day of parking it is a daily rate of €8.00, and from the 31st day of parking the rates are charged at €15.00 per day.

The second paid parking area is in a covered, multistory building, and these parking spaces are ideal for longer-term parking periods. There are 1,020 spaces available. This area is nearby the terminal building, and offers direct access to the Departures area via an elevated tunnel. Up to one hour of parking at P1 will cost €1.00, up to two hours is charged at €2.50, and up to 24 hours of parking will cost €9.00. The second day of parking is also charged at €9.00, while from the second to the seventh day of parking has a cost of €6.00 per day. From the eighth day of parking there is a daily charge of €3.00.

Free Parking Areas

There are four free parking areas at Cagliari Airport, and they are located nearby the terminal building, with no need for additional shuttle bus transportation. The S. Caterina Car Park, or P3, has 148 spaces, the North Car Park, or P4 parking area, has 262 spaces available, the South Car Park has parking for up to 93 vehicles, and the Land Side Car Park has space for 37 vehicles.

Disabled drivers will find many dedicated parking spaces within the parking areas at Cagliari Airport, and these can be used for free by anyone who has a disabled sticker. The airport is also well equipped to handle passengers with reduced mobility. There are elevators between the levels of the terminal, pavement ramps, disabled toilet facilities and the ‘Sala Amica’ lounge, where staff can provide additional assistance to such individuals. Boarding the aircraft for passengers in wheelchairs is also made easy by lifting equipment called an ambulift. Passengers who require special assistance at should make the necessary arrangements with their airline company at least 48 hours before their departure flight, whether they are departing from or arriving at the airport. The staff of the airline company will then pass on your request to qualified staff members, who will be ready and waiting for your arrival.

The terminal building consists of three levels. The ground floor is dedicated to Arrivals and the first (or second level) is dedicated to Departures. The top floor of the airport is mainly for the airport company’s administration offices, but on this level there is also a restaurant and the Business Center. Plenty of shopping and dining outlets are available in all areas of the airport, as well as a full-service bank, ATMs, a post office, a chapel and an exhibition gallery.

General airport enquiries can be made at the information desks located within the terminal building, or passengers can visit the airport’s official website, at http://www.cagliariairport.it/en/.