Cagliari to Bergamo

You have the option of only 1 airline if you want to depart Elmas to Orio al Serio Italy. When flying from Elmas to Orio al Serio you will cover 716 Km (445 Miles) with the flight time at approximately 1 hour 39 minutes. The airport code for Elmas is CAG and for Orio al Serio it is BGY.

Ticket prices are normally at a premium at weekends and can vary also with the time of day. With the advent of cheap no frills flights it may be worth booking in advance if possible to get the best deal to Orio al Serio Italy, perhaps late evening or midweek. Flights to Orio al Serio Italy normally go up in price the nearer the travel date, so it would be advisable to book as early as possible.

Below you will see all the airlines that fly from Elmas (CAG) to Orio al Serio (BGY) and the number of flights they operate each day.

AirlinerMoTuWeThFrSaSuFirst FlightLast Flight

The greatest amount of direct flights offered from Elmas to Orio al Serio Italy are by Ryanair with around 3 flights a week. The earliest flight is available at 08:05 and the latest flights at 21:50 with the most popular flight number being FR 4707, FR 4876 and FR 7749.

/ is available for information regarding booking flights etc with Ryanair.

Please see below the times of flights from Ryanair. These times and frequency may vary at different times of the year please visit the website for more information.

DayFlight Times
Monday08:05, 17:15 and 19:40
Tuesday08:05, 15:45 and 19:40
Wednesday08:05, 15:45 and 19:40
Thursday08:05, 15:45 and 19:40
Friday08:05, 15:45 and 19:40
Saturday08:00, 15:45 and 19:40
Sunday08:05, 19:40 and 21:50

You may also have a choice of an alternative airport when it comes to flying from Elmas and arriving at Orio al Serio. You can find details of this below.

RouteStopsDistanceFlying Time
Cagliari to Genoa0576 km (358 miles)1 hour 29 minutes
Cagliari to Cuneo0599 km (372 miles)1 hour 31 minutes
Cagliari to Bologna0616 km (383 miles)1 hour 32 minutes
Cagliari to Parma0626 km (389 miles)1 hour 33 minutes
Cagliari to Turin0671 km (417 miles)1 hour 36 minutes
Cagliari to Milan Linate0689 km (428 miles)1 hour 37 minutes
Cagliari to Verona0708 km (440 miles)1 hour 39 minutes
Cagliari to Milan Malpensa0710 km (441 miles)1 hour 39 minutes
Cagliari to Treviso0757 km (470 miles)1 hour 42 minutes
Cagliari to Innsbruck0910 km (566 miles)1 hour 53 minutes
Cagliari to Zurich0914 km (568 miles)1 hour 53 minutes
Cagliari to Altenrhein0916 km (569 miles)1 hour 53 minutes
Cagliari to Basel0936 km (582 miles)1 hour 55 minutes

If you require a hire car at Orio al Serio be sure that you are in possession of a valid driving licence and also a current credit card.