Places to visit in Rome Fiumicino

Rome has an incredibly rich history and culture, with amazing ancient ruins, monuments, museums and other attractions. It is one of the most popular tourist areas in all of Europe. Rome is not only an ancient city, but a thriving and modern one too. It is filled with many lively shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

The Top Ten Things to Do In Rome:

  1. Visit Rome’s Ancient ruins, especially the world-famous Coliseum. Once upon a time there were gladiatorial competitions and chariot races held at the Coliseum.
  2. Beside the Coliseum, there are other spectacular ruins to see, such as the Forum, the Circus Maximums and the Pantheon.
  3. Rome has superb architecture. Two of the most popular sights are the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.
  4. Find the energy to climb Janiculum Hill, which offers the most stunning views over the city of Rome.
  5. Marvel at the ceiling painted by Michelangelo at the Sistine Chapel of Vatican City.
  6. Visit some of Rome’s famous museums and art galleries.
  7. Attend one (or a few) of the many theatre, opera or ballet performances.
  8. Enjoy the atmosphere of one of the cafes in Rome, with a mug of coffee, beer or a glass of wine.
  9. Rome has many superb restaurants. Enjoy a dinner of local cuisine or other foods from all over the world.
  10. Spend a day shopping at the elegant fashion boutiques, markets and specialist shops.

The Capitaline Museums (Piazza del Campidoglio) have some of the finest and most celebrated ancient sculptures. There is a wonderful collection of Greek and Etruscan vases, beautiful porcelains, paintings and 18th-century Roman tapestries. The museums in this complex include the Pinacoteca Capitolina, the Palazzo dei Conservatori, the Museo Nuovo and the Palazzo Nuovo.

The house of the famous English poet, John Keats, is now the Keats-Shelley Museum of Rome. The residence is dedicated to his life, and the lives of other English poets. The museum features portraits, relics and other interesting items.

The Palazzo Venezia was originally built for the Venetian Cardinal, Pietro Balbo, who was later know as Pope Paul II. There are various collections of paintings, sculptures and decorative objects. Some important and valuable gold items are on display. The Palazzo Venezia has a café which overlooks the garden courtyard.

Other popular museums in Rome include the Castel Sant’ Angelo (Holy Angel Castle), the Palazzo Altemps and the oldest residence in the area, the Villa Doria Pamphili.

Popular Art Galleries in Rome:

  • The Borghese Gallery (Casino Borghese) – Rome’s most beautiful museum.
  • The Colonna Gallery with interesting works of art.
  • The Municipal Gallery of Modern Art
  • The Museo Nazionale di Villa Giulia with collections of Etruscan art.
  • The Palazzo Massimo – a palace designed in 1532.
  • The Doria Pamphili Gallery featuring 15-18th century paintings.
  • The National Gallery of Modern Art.

Rome is not only a city of ancient ruins, but a city with many nearby open, green spaces. There are a variety of parks and gardens, ranging from small to large, where tourists and locals can enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing environment.

The Villa Ada is a beautiful area situated to the north of Rome. Locals enjoy the activities available here, such as roller-skating at the rink, playgrounds and bicycle paths.

The Villa Borghese Garden is the area where the Galleria Borghese Museum is located. This museum has a beautiful art collection. Other features of the park include an amphitheatre (Piazzo di Siena), a botanical garden and the Giardino Zoologico, which is home to many animals. Over the weekends there is face-painting for the children.

Some of Rome’s other peaceful areas include the Villa Torlonia and the Rome Garden of Bomarzo.

Fiumicino Airport is situated approximately 32 km from the historical center of Rome. Public trains and buses can lead tourist’s right up to the popular attraction areas. Many of the attractions are within walking distance from each other. The Roma Pass offers free entry to many of the museums and is valid for public transportation.