Taxis to and from Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO)

Outside the arrivals area of each of the terminals at Fiumicino Airport, there are taxi stands with plenty of taxis ready and waiting to offer transportation into Rome. Travelling to Central Rome from the airport is about a 40 minute journey.

The taxi fares have been set at a fee of 40 Euros when travelling from the airport to any destination within the Aurelian walls. This would be travel to central Rome and basically includes the central tourist areas. The 40 Euro fee includes baggage and a maximum of four passengers. This fare could be higher if you are travelling on Sundays, public holidays or late at night. The same fare rate of 40 Euro applies when returning to the airport.

Taxi fares to other destinations are charged at a metered rate. The metered rate is charged at tariffa 1 or tariffa 2, depending on where you are driving. Tariffa 1 is charged within the city limits and tariffa 2 outside of the city limits. Fiumicino is located outside of the city limits and your journey will therefore start on tariffa 2, which is a slightly higher fare rate. The driver must change the fare to tariffa 1 when he reaches the ring highway (G.R.A). Here is where the taxi will enter the city limits. Luggage is charged at about 1 Euro per bag loaded into the taxi trunk. Extra fees may be charged for late night driving, or traveling on Sundays and public holidays.

Passengers at Fiumicino Airport should be careful to select a reliable taxi company. Authorized taxis at the airport will be white with a ‘taxi’ light on the roof which indicates if they are available for hire. The taxi should have a license number displayed on the doors and at the back of the car. Authorized taxis should also have a taximeter displayed where the passengers can see it.

At Fiumicino Airport you will probably encounter un-official taxi drivers looking for business. If you are approached by any driver in such a manner, you can safely assume that they are operating illegally, as registered and official taxi drivers do not wander the area searching for passengers. These un-official drivers may even go as far as dressing up their cars to look like the authorized airport taxis. Unfortunately, these drivers give the honest Roman taxi drivers a bad name.

Within the Rome city area, there are plenty of taxi stands available. Travellers can walk to these taxi stands or hail a taxi from the street. You can also call a taxi to collect you from your location, but keep in mind that the metered fare begins from the time the driver sets off to pick you up. It may be cheaper to find the nearest taxi stand. Keep a watchful eye on the meter. The taxi driver is more likely to be honest if he knows you are watching. When you arrive at your destination, the driver must press a button on the meter. Make sure that this action does not cause the fare to increase. If you do have any problems, keep a note of the taxis license number and the name of the driver. Call 060606 to report any problems. The driver can issue a receipt if it is requested.

Passengers should confirm the taxi price before driving away, if they are uncertain about the fare rates. The taxi in the front of the line is expected to be hired when you are at the airport or a taxi stand. For good service, the taxi drivers appreciate a tip of around 10%.

More informationabout taxi services and fare rates  is available at the Tourist Information Points. They are located in the Arrivals area of Terminals A, B, and C. Private bus companies and shuttle services are also available to your hotel or other destinations.