Low Cost Rome Fiumicino Airport Parking

There are various parking options at Rome Fiumicino Airport. Passengers or visitors can decide between the short-term parking areas or the long stay parking lots. Parking spaces are available for disabled drivers and motorbikes.

Short-Term Parking

There are a few parking spaces in front of the Terminals A and B. 128 spaces are available at Terminal B, and 32 spaces at Terminal A

Multi-Level Garage Parking

In this area there are more short-term parking spaces available. The parking garages have multi-levels and are divided into four buildings, named A, B, C and D. Passengers can follow the signs to the terminal and then to the parking garages – Parcheggio Multipano A-B-C-D. They are positioned between the international departure area and the domestic terminal.

The multi-level garage parking areas are within walking distance of the airport’s terminal buildings. They all offer covered parking except for the highest levels. There are 3701 parking spaces available and are connected to the airport buildings with sheltered pedestrian walkways.

Long-Term Parking Facilities

This parking area is situated further from the Fiumicino Airport terminals. It is located on the main Rome to Fiumicino highway in the direction of the airport. Passengers should look for signage that read ‘Parcheggio Lunga Sosta’. There are more than 4000 parking spaces available.

A shuttle bus must be taken to reach the airport terminals from the long-term parking areas. The shuttle buses are free and operate every 15-20 minutes, 24 hours a day. It is more economical to park in this area than in the short-term parking garages. These facilities are not covered areas.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is convenient for those passengers who don’t want to search for an empty parking space themselves, and who are willing to pay more for service. Valet services are available in front of the Domestic Terminal.

Motorcycle Parking

Fiumicino Airport offers 88 parking spaces for motorbikes. They can be found on level 1 of the parking garage, building A.

Disabled Parking Facilities

Disabled individuals may park their car for up to 2 hours at free reserved spaces at the departures and arrivals area of Terminals A, B and C. Parking for longer time periods can be found in the multi-level parking garages as well as in the long-term parking lot. These are dedicated spaces with easy access, and may not be used by anybody other than handicapped drivers.

Payment for the Parking Areas

Cash or credit cards can be used for parking payments. There are automatic pay machines at the exits of the multi-level parking garages and extra pay points on the first and fourth levels. At the long-term parking lot, payments are made at the vehicle exits.

Aeroporte di Roma has a new online booking service where passengers can book their parking spaces in advance.

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