Taxis to and from Genoa Airport (GOA)

Genoa Airport is located only 6 km (4 miles) from Genoa. It is an international airport, handling approximately five million passengers per year. The airport’s single terminal building has various amenities for arriving and departing passengers, including banking and postal services, restaurants, duty-free outlets, and a VIP lounge with business facilities. Transportation to and from Genoa Airport is readily available by bus services and taxi operators.

Traveling by taxi is always the most expensive form of transport available, but many passengers find the convenience and comfort of traveling in a chauffeured vehicle worth the extra money. It is also sometimes easier to travel by taxi than by bus if you are carrying heavy luggage. There is a taxi rank outside the Arrivals area of Genoa Airport, where passengers will find plenty of available taxis.

While taxi services are convenient, passengers should be aware of how the taxi fares are calculated, and what extra charges may be added to their journey. It is also wise to be aware that there are many unofficial, even illegal, taxi operators looking for business within busy areas such as airport terminals, and these taxis should not be used under any circumstances, no matter how cheap their prices may sound. Official Italian taxis are usually yellow in color, or sometimes white, and they always have a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They should also have an identifying number on the side of the taxi (usually the driver’s side), which can be used to report any unorthodox taxi behavior. Taxis should have a meter, and this is the device that measures the distance traveled during your trip, as the taxi fare is calculated at a certain rate per km/mile. Passengers should ensure that the meter is turned on and in working condition, otherwise it is best to discus the fare with the taxi driver before leaving the airport. It is easier to come to an agreement before leaving, rather than arguing once the journey has already been made.

Besides from the actual distance traveled, the taxi fare could include extra charges for luggage loaded, the transportation of animals, late night driving or driving on a Sunday or bank holiday, or for more than three passengers. Sometimes an airport fee is also applicable. If you are unsure of any of these charges, your taxi driver should be able to explain them in more detail.

Taxis are readily available to provide transport to Genoa Airport as well. Taxi ranks can be found at various locations around the city, and these usually include all the main railway and bus stations, as well as any major public or tourist area within the city. In Genoa, there are taxi ranks at over 30 car parks as well. If you are nearby one of these areas, it is more cost-effective to catch a taxi from there than to call a taxi to your location. Taxis that are called will switch on their meter from where they leave to come and fetch you, and not from your current position. Therefore, don’t be surprised to find the meter already going when you enter the taxi!

Many visitors in Italy have also found out that it is not very easy to hail a taxi from the street either. This is not to say that they won’t stop for you if they are empty, but most likely you will need to call for one, or catch one from the taxi rank.

At Genoa Airport, passengers can arrange to rent a vehicle with a driver. Some of the companies which offer this service include Autonoleggio Serra Riccò, telephone number – 335 8438531, or website; Consorzio Centro Autonoleggiatori, telephone number – 010 6502708; Sanremo Driver Service, telephone number – 335 5387975, or website; Autonoleggio Top Rent, telephone number – 010 6017048, or website; and Autonoleggio Blue Service, telephone number – 0184 509825, or website

Coach rental is available from two companies at Genoa Airport: De Franceschi di Allasia, telephone number – 010 6503633, and Allasia Maurizio, telephone number – 348 7303751.

Traveling by taxi is a comfortable and convenient way of getting from one location to another within the city of Genoa, as well as to areas surrounding Genoa. Passengers arriving at Genoa Airport will find the taxi services available to be friendly and efficient. Additional details for the transport options available at Genoa Airport, or any information required in general, is offered by the Information desks located within the airport terminal building.