Trains to and from Genova Airport (GOA)

Although there is no actual railway station at Genoa Airport, passengers can easily reach the two main train stations in Genoa by various bus services. Genoa Airport, also known as Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport, is only situated 6 km (4 miles) from Genoa, and it is therefore a quick 30 minute journey by bus to either of the two railway stations.

The two main railway stations in Genoa are Principe FS and Brignole FS. They are connected to the airport by the Volabus, which travels from Genoa Airport approximately every 40 to 60 minutes. Principe FS is the closer of the two railway stations, and is the third stop made by the Volabuses. From the airport, the buses travel to Via Cornigliano/Stazione FS, Via Pacinotti/Fiumara, Piazza Acquaverda (Principe FS – train station), De Ferrari/Centro Città, and lastly the Brignole FS (train station). The first bus departs from the airport’s arrival terminal at 06:00, and the last bus leaves at midnight.

Passengers can also travel on the Volabuses in the opposite direction, from the train stations to Genoa Airport. Starting at Brignole Station, the buses will stop at De Ferrari/Centro Città, Piazza Acquaverde (Principe FS – train station), Via Pacinotti/Fiumara, Via Cornigliano/Stazione FS, and lastly at Genoa Airport. The first bus leaves the train station at 05:20, and the last bus leaves at 23:20. They are available approximately every 40 minutes between these hours.

The Volabuses operate seven days a week, and are a cost-effective and comfortable means of transportation. Bus tickets can be purchased from the automatic AMT ticket machines at the airport, or from the airport’s Local Tourist Promotion Board. If you are traveling to Genoa Airport, tickets can be purchased from automatic AMT points at the railway stations, at some authorized retail shops nearby bus stops and bus terminals, or from the Genoa Tourist Information Offices in De Ferrarisquare (Carrlo Felice Theater) and Garibaldi Street (in front of the city hall). Tickets are also available from AMT offices, or online, at

A second bus service at Genoa Airport provides transport to the Sestri Ponente district, its railway station, and the new Marina Genoa Airport. This bus is referred to as the Shuttle Service I24, and is available approximately every 30 minutes. Thirdly, the Rapid bus link directly connects Genoa Airport to the two main railway stations of Principe and Brignole, and is available every hour from the airport.

Genova Principe, or Genova Piazza Principe, is the second busiest station in Genoa. It is situated nearby the Palazzo del Principe in the town center, on Piazza Acquaverde. It is a very large station, occupying the entire north side of Via Andrea Doria. Genova Principe handles about 66,000 passengers per day, with a huge total of 24 million passengers per year. In order to handle the increasing numbers of passengers an underground connection was opened in 1993 between Genoa Brignole and Genoa Sampeirdarena. There is now an underground station under the Genova Principe, featuring two platforms.

Genova Principe Station consists of various levels. The higher levels are occupied by offices, and the ground floor building contains retail facilities and services for passengers. Just below the ground floor is the platform level, which mostly consists of offices for the FS, utility rooms, warehouses and commercial and catering services. The utility rooms of the Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) are located on the underground level, together with the two suburban railway tracks of the underground station.

Genoa’s main railway station is Genova Brignole. Its location is on Piazza Verdi in the town center, and at the foot of the Montesano hill. Similar to Genova Principe, Brignole is divided into several levels. The lower basement level is primarily used for central heating, store rooms and accommodation, while the ticket offices, shops and FS offices are found on the street level. The mezzanine is the platform level, and it also houses various restaurants. The FS headquarters are located on the upper level of the station. Brignole Station consists of nine passenger platforms and two freight platforms, and operates trains on a daily basis to cities such as Milan, Turin and Rome.

Passengers arriving at Genoa Airport who would like to find out more about the train services in Genoa can visit Trenitalia’s website at, where there is plenty of information about the rail passes available, the different types of trains in operation, and their destinations traveled from Genoa. Genoa Airport has information desks within its terminal building as well.

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