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Genoa Airport is a modern and well equipped establishment, offering a variety of amenities for international and domestic flight passengers. The airport is located only 6 km or 4 miles from Genoa, and is an important gateway for Italy’s north-western Liguria region. In addition to many useful banking, business, catering and shopping facilities, Genoa Airport has adequate parking areas for individuals arriving by car.

The major motorways leading to Genoa Airport are the A10 / E25, or Autostrada dei Fiori, and the A12 /E80 (Autostrada Azzurra) which intersects the A7 / E80. The A7 heads towards Genoa Airport. Areas nearby the airport include Borzoli, Cantalupo and Madonna del Gazzo to the north, as well as Arenzano, Pegli, Rapallo, Savona, Varazze and Voltri.

As motorists enter the vicinity of the airport, they will find the marina and cargo area to the west, the fuelling area to the east and the airport car parking area and passenger terminal straight ahead.

There are three main parking areas at Genoa Airport. They include the Short Stay Car Park, the Central Car Park and the Long Stay Car Park. In addition to these three parking areas there is also a free parking lot situated approximately 500 meters from the terminal building; although motorists may only park in this area for a maximum of three hours. This car park is unattended.

Short Stay Car Park

There are 75 parking spaces available for this area, and it is situated nearby the Rent a Car Park at the arrivals level. It is also known as the P3 parking area. At the Short Stay Car Park the first 30 minutes of parking is free. Thereafter, up to one hour will cost €1.00, and every 60 minutes to follow, or part thereof, is charged at €2.00.

Central Car Park

The Central Car Park has 700 parking spaces available and can be used for short to medium parking periods. This area is also referred to as the P1 parking lot. Motorists will pay €8.00 for parking up to four hours, €16.00 for parking up to eight hours, €18.00 for twelve hours of parking and €20.00 for up to twenty-four hours of parking. An additional €5.00 is charged for each six hours thereafter, or part thereof.

Long Stay Car Park

Motorists who require a parking area for a lengthier period of time should use this parking lot. It has 145 spaces available, and is also referred to as the P2 parking area. To reach this area, passengers should turn right at the roundabout. Parking of up to 5 days is charged at €50.00. For the 6th to 7th day parking charges are an additional €6.00, and from the 8th to 14th day of parking the charges are an additional €5.00. From the 15th day onwards, and per day, parking is charged at an additional €4.00.

Payments for parking charges can be made at the staffed pay point located on the arrivals level of the terminal building, just nearby the taxi stand, or passengers can use the automatic pay points to settle their parking fees. The automatic pay points are found on the arrivals level, where there are two available for payments by credit cards, and there is another one located outside of the Air Terminal in the Central Car Park. The staffed pay point is open from 04:00 to midnight.

The automatic pay points accept cash or payment with a credit card. The same can be used at the staffed pay point. Payment by ATM cards can only be made at the staffed pay point. Passengers who regularly use the parking facilities at Genoa Airport can purchase a prepaid debit card. The debit cards are available in denominations of €25.00, €50.00 and €100.00, and can be purchased from the staffed pay point. Cards can otherwise be credited in certain amounts at the automatic pay points.

Genoa Airport offers numerous disabled parking spaces as well. These are reserved parking spaces located nearby the entry and exit points of the airport terminal. Disabled passengers should always display their current disabled persons’ badge when making use of these parking spaces. Arrangements can be made with your airline if you require assistance once arriving at the airport car park.

Directly outside the terminal building, there is an area which can be used for loading and unloading luggage and passengers. Cars should not be left unattended in this area.

The information desks within Genoa Airport’s terminal building are available to assist with any further enquiries about airport parking facilities, or with any other general airport enquiry.

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