Taxis to and from Rimini Airport (RMI)

Rimini International Airport is located 8 km from the city center of Rimini, and 11 km from the new fairground at Rimini Celle. The airport terminal is well equipped with all the amenities required by passengers who are arriving or departing from the airport, and there are various transportation options at the airport. Taxi services are often a popular choice of transport for many passengers, as it is quick and convenient. There are many taxis waiting outside the arrival area, and there are also many locations within Rimini where there are plenty of taxis available.

The taxi companies which operate from Rimini Airport, or Federico Fellini Airport, are Taxi Rimini and Taxi Riccione. Taxis can be hired directly from outside the airport terminal building, or they can be contacted for an advanced booking at the following numbers: Taxi Rimini - +39-0541-50020, and Taxi Riccione at +39-0541-600553.

Using the services of a taxi in Italy is relatively straight forward, provided that you understand how they operate and the possible extra charges that may be added to your fare besides the actual distance traveled. Only legitimate taxi operators which are regulated by Government should be used. Sometimes a tourist is approached by a taxi operator who will offer good services or cheaper rates, and these taxis should not be used under any circumstances. A legitimate taxi operator will not try to ‘sell’ his services within the airport terminal. They will be waiting outside at the taxi rank. Taxis are usually white or yellow in color, and have a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They are also required to have a meter that is in working condition, and a rate card which displays the various tariffs, with an English translation. Taxi operators are obliged to meter the journey, therefore do not use a taxi service where the driver claims that his meter is broken. Taxis should also have a number on one of their side doors, usually the driver’s door, and this number can be quoted to the company in question if you experience any problems.

Besides charges for each kilometer traveled, there are extra charges for each item of luggage loaded, for additional passengers if more than five people are using the service and for animals that are traveling in the taxi. Taxi services are also more expensive at night, or on Sundays and public holidays. The nightly tariffs are applicable between the hours of 22:00 and 06:00. Taxi fares are measured at Euro 1.20 per kilometer traveled, and luggage is charged at an additional Euro 0.60 per item. If you request the services of a taxi you will need to pay an airport parking fees as well, which is Euro 20.00 per hour. As an indication of the average taxi fares, a trip to the following areas, including the costs for baggage and extra passengers, should not exceed the listed amounts. Rimini Centro – daily tariff of €17.00, San Marino - €45.00, Miramare-Rivazzura - €12.00, Marebello - €13.00, Rivabella - €20.00, Torre Pedrera - €30.00, Viserbella - €27.00, San Giuliano - €19.00, Riccione Nord - €18.00, Riccione Sud - €20.00, and Bellariva - €14.00. All these amounts indicate the maximum daily tariffs which could be charged to the various destinations. Nightly tariffs are around €4.00 to €6.00 more expensive.

Customers should also note that there are different tariffs for taxi services within the city limits, and for services outside the city limits (up to 50 km).

Visitors in Italy have rarely had much success in hailing a taxi from the street, although this is not to say that they will never stop for you, provided that they are empty. It is better however, if you would like to travel to Rimini Airport by taxi, to go to one of the many taxi ranks in Rimini, or call one to collect you from your location. Take note that there are extra charges when a taxi is called to fetch you, therefore it is cheaper to use a taxi directly from a taxi rank. Taxi ranks in Rimini can be found at Piazzale C. Battisti, which is the location of the main train station, Rimini Fiera (the Trade Fair), Rimini Hospital, Corso D’Augusto (Viccolo Gioia – Via Serpieri), Corso D’Augusto (Piazza Cavour), Via IV Novembre (Piazetta Teatrini), Piazza Tripoli, the Miramare Railway Station, and at Veserba.

For those who enjoy more exercise, there are numerous bicycle paths in Rimini. The center of Rimini is linked to the coast and surrounding villages by 30 km, 18 miles, of cycle paths!

Although it is always wise to be cautious, passengers traveling to and from Rimini find the taxi services to be efficient and reliable, and with drivers who are friendly and courteous. Additional airport or transport information is available at the Information Desk within the airport terminal building.