Trains to and from Rimini Airport (RMI)

Although Rimini Airport is an international establishment, and has various transportation options, there is no actual train station at the airport. However, this poses no problems for passengers who would like to continue their journey by train, or for those passengers who are arriving in Rimini by train, and who would like to reach the airport, as there is a bus service which travels between Rimini Railway Station and Rimini Airport every half an hour.

Rimini Airport is also known as Federico Fellini Airport, after the famous Italian filmmaker, or Rimini-Miramare Airport, because it is situated in the area of Miramare. The airport is only 8 km from the city center of Rimini, and 11 km from the new fairground at Rimini Celle. Rimini Train Station is also only a short distance away from the airport, and is accessible by Bus number 9 of the public transport system in Rimini. A bus ticket for this trip is one Euro, and the ticket is valid for 90 minutes after it has been stamped. Traveling by bus is the most cost effective way to reach the railway station, or the airport from the railway station, although there are also plenty of taxi services at these locations. Although quite a bit more expensive than buses, taxis are often considered to be quite a fast and convenient transport option.

Rimini’s railway station is located on Piazzale Cesare Battisti, and is also very close to the historic city center of Rimini. Trains from Rimini Station travel to various destinations and holiday resort towns in the region of Emilia-Romagna, including Ancona to the south, Ferrara, Padua and Pesaro, and Bologna and Ravenna in the north.

Italy’s railway system is operated by Trenitalia, and they have a comprehensive website which offers all the information needed for train travel. Rail customers can find up-to-date timetables, information on the various types of trains available, advice on train travel, and can also make advanced reservations from this website.

There are many different trains which operate in Italy. The Eurostar trains are a high-speed service which runs on specific routes. They are comfortable trains which will get you to your destination in a faster time period. An advanced reservation is required for this service. Although tickets can be purchased almost right up to the time of the train’s departure, it is best to leave a bit more time in between your booking and departure, as sometimes these trains are extremely busy and fill up fast. Inter-City Plus and Inter City trains offer a slightly slower trip than the Eurostar. The Inter-City Plus is a new train service, with an upgraded fleet of trains. They have air conditioning, and sometimes a mini-bar or restaurant on board. Inter City trains are older, and they are more expensive. Traveling time for these two train services is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes between Rimini and Bologna.

Other trains which don’t require a reservation include the Regionale, Espresso, InterRegionale and Regionale Veloce trains. Tickets for these trains can be purchased at any time, and only become valid when they are stamped. The Regionale trains are the cheapest of the trains in Italy, while the Espresso trains offer a journey with limited stops, and are therefore a quicker service.

Various rail passes are available for tourists and visitors who reside outside of the European Union. The Trenitalia Pass can be purchased by adults, and this pass also allows for a 50% reduction in costs for children between the ages of four and eleven. Younger passengers can benefit from the Trenitalia Pass Youth. This is for children and young adults between the ages of twelve and twenty-five, and allows for second class train travel. Groups of friends can save on their costs as well, by purchasing the Trenitalia Pass Saver, which is intended for use by small groups of two to five people.

Passengers arriving at Rimini Airport can make any general enquiries about transport or airport facilities at the Information Desk located within the terminal building.

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