Rimini Airport Departures (RMI)

Rimini International Airport has all the necessary amenities for departing passengers within its terminal building, including adequate parking facilities, and numerous airline companies offer flights to various destinations from Rimini Airport. Rimini Airport is located 8 km from the city center of Rimini, and is also well know as Federico Fellini Airport, in remembrance of a famous Italian filmmaker. The airport is actually in Miramare, and therefore can also be referred to as Rimini-Miramare Airport.

Traveling to Rimini Airport is simple by car, bus or taxi. The airport is connected to all the major surrounding areas by the Motorway A14 (autostrade del mare), Highway E45 and Main Road 16 Adriatica. The airport is also well signposted. Public bus transportation is offered by Rimini Tram, and buses travel to the airport every half an hour from the railway station in Rimini. There is no actual train station at the airport, therefore passengers who are arriving by train should use this bus service to reach the airport. The bus to be used is number 9. Taxis are available from the railway station as well, and from the taxi ranks located in Rimini. Passengers can also call for a taxi to collect them directly from their location. Taxi companies available are Taxi Rimini and Taxi Riccione.

Many airline companies operate to and from Rimini Airport, including low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, which offers seasonal flights to East Midlands and flights to Bristol, Liverpool, London-Stansted and Frankfurt-Hahn. Air Berlin is available for flights to Cologne/Bonn, and Air Dolomiti flies to Munich and Vienna. Other airlines include Lufthansa, Blue Panorama Airlines, Luxair, Mistral Air, Alitalia, Belle Air, Air Alps, Transvania and Red Wings Airlines. All these airlines offer comprehensive websites whereby passengers can view their flights and services. More information is also available on Rimini Airport’s official website.

Passengers departing from Rimini Airport should ensure that they arrive early for their flight, leaving sufficient time for finding parking and completing the necessary security procedures. Each airline has different requests for when passengers should check-in and be ready at the boarding gate, but this information is usually noted at the back of your airline ticket. In general, passengers should arrive at least one hour before their departure time for domestic flights, and at least two hours before departure for all other flights. Security and safety is a priority at all Italian airports, and passengers are requested to have patience and offer their full cooperation to the security personnel. There are new rules with regards to carrying liquid substances in hand luggage, which passengers should be aware of, however, these rules do not apply to liquids carried in hold luggage. For hand luggage, each different liquid item should be contained in a 100ml bottle, and the total of all liquids carried should not exceed one liter. These items must also be placed in a transparent and re-sealable plastic bag, and handed to the security officers for inspection. These regulations do not apply to food and medicines required during the flight, for example, baby food, and are also not applicable to liquid items purchased in the duty-free shop at the airport. If you need to take medicine on board the aircraft, it is advisable to have a medical prescription available which will show that you will be needing it during the flight hours.

Hand luggage is generally allowed to be no more than five kilograms in weight, and should not exceed the dimensions of 115 centimeters, applicable to length, height and depth. Nearby the check-in desk at the airport passengers will find a cut out in the shape of the maximum size allowed for hand luggage which can be used as a sample. Passengers may not have any of the following items in their hand luggage: Any kind of weapon, even toy weapons or imitations, knives, razor blades, scissors, corkscrews, walking sticks with a metal tip, explosive or flammable substances, base ball bats, golf clubs or any other similar dangerous objects, any kind of screwdriver, knitting needles or bicycle chains.

Rimini Airport is easily accessible for disabled passengers. There are dedicated parking spaces for disabled drivers situated nearby the terminal building, which can be used free of charge, and pavement ramps. Within the airport there are elevators for transport between levels and toilets are accessible for passengers in wheelchairs. Passengers who require special assistance should arrange this service with their airline company before 48 hours of the departure time. Staff will then be available at the airport to assist you with check-in and security procedures, and up until the time you are safely on board the aircraft. An ambulift is used for the comfortable boarding of passengers in wheelchairs.

Facilities at the airport include various restaurants, bars and cafes, offering all types of refreshments, and various shopping outlets, including a duty-free store on the first floor. A full-service bank is available, as well as a few ATMs. A first aid station is located on the first floor of the terminal.

Passengers can make general enquiries at the Information Desk in the terminal building of Rimini Airport, or visit Rimini Airport’s official website on the internet.

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