Buses to and from Trieste Airport (TRS)

Trieste Airport is one of the smaller airports in Italy, serving only just over a million passengers per year.  However, the rising number of passengers each year show that Trieste is becoming a more popular destination.  The airport is located about 21 miles, or 33 km from the city center of Trieste, and also nearby other areas such as the Croatia and Slovenia borders, Ronchi dei Legionari, Begliano and Cassegliano.  Due to its location, it is also known as Ronchi dei Legionari, or Friuli Venezia Giulia.  Trieste is the capital city of Venezia Giulia, and also the largest city in the area, but many popular tourist sights are still within walking distance of one another.  There are various transport options, including bus services. Trieste buses can be taken from the airport to many other locations in and around Trieste.

There is one large terminal building at the airport, which is well equipped to serve the needs of arriving and departing passengers.  Although there is no train station at the airport, it is well connected to various destinations by bus.  The bus stops at the airport are easy to locate, directly outside the arrivals area.  The buses, or coaches, are marked by numbers, and it is also quite easy to understand their routes.  The public transport network in Trieste is operated by APT Gorizia.

There are a couple of main cities directly linked to Trieste Airport by the coach services of APT Gorizia.  Coach service No. 51 travels to the Central Bus Station in Trieste, which is also nearby the Central Train Station.  The service is available from Monday to Saturday every 5 minutes and 35 minutes past the hour, so roughly every half an hour.  On Sundays the service is a little less frequent with buses leaving the airport approximately every one to two hours.  The bus trip to Trieste takes around 55 minutes. 

The coach service No. 51 also travels to Monfalcone and Udine.  Monfalcone is a Railway Station located just 5 km from Trieste Airport on the Trieste-Venice train line.  Buses leave for this station from the airport approximately every twenty to twenty-five minutes, and it is a just a short journey.  The journey to Udine is a non-stop service via the motorway.  Passengers traveling to the Udine coach station can then connect with other coach and rail services, as buses from here travel to the Province of Udine, Pordenone and its Province, Venezia and Eastern Veneto and Austria, and the railway station is located just in front of the coach station. 

Coach services No.1 and 26 are available from Trieste, and travel to Gorizia and Grado, and to Monfalcone Railway Station as well.  All bus tickets should be purchased at the airport before boarding the buses.  They are available from the automated ticket machine in the arrivals hall of the terminal building, or from the tourist information center, known as the Turismo FVG, also located in the arrivals area.  One-way fares to Trieste cost around €3.30, and to Udine around €3.90.  A bus trip to Monfalcone will only cost €1.05, and the journey to either Gorizia or Grado costs about €2.75. 

If you are traveling to Trieste, buses are also available in the alternative direction, at about the same frequency.  In the city, bus tickets can be purchased from tobacconists, newsagents, some cafes or from the offices of the main bus stations.  Coach tours are also available in Trieste, and this is a wonderful way to get to all the most popular sights and attractions.  The tours are usually held on Saturdays, between 14:00 and 16:30.  The tour buses depart from outside Trieste Central Railway Station, located at Piazza Libertà 8.  The Eurostar office at the train station sells tickets and makes bookings for the tour. 

Within Trieste city, visitors can reach almost anywhere by bus, as there is a very good bus network available which runs on a strict schedule.  The buses operate mainly during the day up until 21:00, although there are a few buses after this time.  The buses are also less frequent on Saturdays and Sundays.  From the Trieste Central Bus Station there are buses available to many destinations in Central and Eastern Europe, and day trips to Grignano to see the Miramare Castle or to Muggia are very popular.  Keep in mind that all bus tickets must be validated on the machines in the bus.  Heavy fines are issued if you are caught with an invalid ticket or a ticket which has not been stamped. 

Trieste Airport welcomes disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility by providing facilities to ensure their comfort, such as disabled toilet facilities and pavement ramps.  Nowadays, many bus and coach services are also equipped for the transport of disabled passengers.  Further information is available from the information desks in the airport terminal, the tourist office, or from the bus station in Trieste.

Trieste buses are a very convenient and inexpensive means of transport to any destination in nearby Europe, and most people find their services to be very comfortable and efficient.  

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