Trieste Airport Parking

Trieste Airport is located in Venezia Giulia, approximately 21 miles from Trieste, its capital city.  It has the official airport code of TRS and is also referred to as Ronchi dei Legionari Airport, or Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport, due to its location in Ronchi dei Legionari.   Although Trieste Airport is not as large as some other Italian airports, it is becoming an increasingly popular destination.  Currently the airport handles just over one million passengers per year.  Trieste Airport is well equipped with all the amenities required by its passengers, and also has adequate parking facilities.  There are three different areas dedicated to the parking of vehicles at the airport. 

In total, Trieste Airport has 1,100 parking spaces available, and there are three different parking lots.  Each one is dedicated to various lengths of parking periods, for example, short-stay, medium-stay and long-stay parking.  The parking area of P1 at Trieste Airport is for long-term parking, while P2 is dedicated to medium-term parking stays.  P3 is only used for short-term parking. 

The parking areas at Trieste Airport are all located within easy walking distance of the terminal building, therefore there is no need for any shuttle buses to provide transport to the passenger terminal.  There is only one large terminal building at Trieste Airport, capable of handling up to two million passengers per year.  The parking areas are also easy to find as you enter the airport road off the A4.  The furthest parking is P1, long-term, while P2, medium-parking, is a littler nearer the terminal.  The short-stay parking area is the closest parking lot to the terminal, and is used for stays of up to a few hours, and most often not longer than a day.  There is signage at Trieste Airport pointing to the parking areas, and this is written in Italian as ‘parcheggio aeroporto’. 

The car parks at the airport are not covered and they cannot be booked in advance.  If you simply need to drop off passengers and luggage then you can use the ‘kiss-and-ride’ spaces directly in front of the terminal.  There are a few spaces available and are free of charge.  You may only unload passengers and their baggage here, and not park or leave your vehicle unattended for any length of time. 

Payments for parking at the airport can be made at various locations, and in a couple of ways.  There is a cashier desk available, where you can pay by cash, credit card or debit card.  These cards must be Bancomat only.  There are also automated parking machines, which take cash or credit cards.  Change can be given if you don’t have the right amount of money.  If you have a credit card, you can also pay as you exit the car parks, at the car park exit columns.  The first day of parking in P1 is charged at €7.50, and every day following the first at €6.50.  The weekly tariff for parking costs €43.00.  For up to two hours of parking in P2, motorists will pay €1.20, while for between two and twelve hours the charges are €5.50.  Twelve to twenty-four hours are charged at €9.50, and every day after the first is charged at €8.20.  The P3 parking lot is charged per hour, at a rate of €1.90. 

Free Parking at Trieste Airport

Certain passengers who make use of Trieste Airport are entitled to a period of free parking.  Residents of Slovenia who fly with Alitalia (or a codeshare partner) on a flight which departs from Rome F C O (international – AZ code) can park for up to a week for free at Trieste Airport.  The check-in staff will provide the parking voucher if you request it, and this should be completed and given to the cashier in the P2 parking lot, together with your car park entry ticket.  You will also need to prove that you are a Slovenian resident by means of an identification document.  Residents in the Provinces of Pordenone, Venice, Treviso and Belluno are entitled to two free days of parking at Trieste Airport.  The check-in staff will provide the voucher, which should be given in at the cashier desk. 

Parking for FVG Club members at Trieste Airport

The FVG, or Fly Very Good Club, is an exclusive membership aimed to benefit frequent flyers at Trieste Airport, and the very highly valued customers of the airport.  One benefit includes a discounted parking rate, and a special parking area dedicated for the use of only FVG Club members.  This area is located in the P2 parking lot, next to the terminal.  Club members should display their membership identification tag behind the windscreen of their vehicle, and should pay at the cashier in order to receive the discounted parking rates.  Discounts are not however offered for parking in the short-stay parking area of P3. 

There are dedicated spaces for disabled drivers at Trieste Airport in all the parking lots, and two call points from where assistance can be requested in the parking areas.  Within the terminal building, Trieste Airport is also well equipped for the comfort of special needs passengers.  Further parking information is available from Sogepar, at telephone number +39-0481-474487, the information desks at the airport, or at the cashier desk in parking area P2.  

Map of Car Parks at Trieste Airport

Map of Car Parks at Trieste