Taxis to and from Trieste Airport (TRS)

Trieste Airport is located approximately 21 miles, or 33 km from the city center of Trieste, which is the capital city of Venezia Giulia, in north-eastern Italy.  The airport is also nearby Ronchi dei Legionari, and is therefore often referred to as Ronchi dei Legionari Airport.  Another name for Trieste Airport is Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport.  Compared to some other Italian airports, Trieste is not very large, handling only around one million passengers per year.  However, it is considered to be an important international gateway to this area in Italy, and is becoming an increasingly popular destination.  There are various forms of transportation to and from Trieste Airport, including taxi services.  Taxis are used by many to quickly and conveniently reach their next destination.

The taxis at Trieste Airport are easy to find, as they are all outside the arrivals area of the airport.  There is just one terminal building which handles all arrival and departure flights at the airport.  Taxis are available between the hours of 08:00 and midnight from the companies of Consorzio Taxi Aeroporto FVG and Taxi Car.  Taxi Car offers a chauffeur service as well.  Passengers can contact Consorzio Taxi Aeroporto FVG at +39-0481-778000 or send a fax to +39-0481-776201.  Their 24 hour phone number is +39-335-6914776.  They also have a website at, or emails can be sent to

Taxi Car’s website can be found at, and their email address is  They can also be contacted by phone at +39-335-1373000.

Taxis are a popular way to travel in all cities in Italy, but they are always more expensive than bus or train services.  They do however offer a faster and more private journey than bus transport services.  Another advantage is that a taxi can take you to the door of your hotel or private residence that may be your next destination.  A taxi is also convenient if you have a lot of luggage, but make sure that your luggage will fit into one taxi, as you don’t want to have to pay for two taxis just to transport your luggage!

Taxis in Italy are usually white or yellow in color, and have a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof.  They should also have an identifying number on their sides (usually the drivers side) which can be used in a complaint report if you experience any problems with the driver.  Try to ensure that you always hire a legitimate airport taxi from Trieste Airport, as there can be unlicensed taxi drivers loitering in the arrivals area.  They will try to offer you a good price, but be careful, as there is no guarantee that they won’t overcharge you, and they usually do not have proper insurance.  Legitimate taxis will be in the taxi rank of the airport, and their drivers wait by the cars.  Is always recommended though to discuss the taxi fare with your driver before you leave the airport. 

Taxis in Italy are metered, which means that there is a device in the taxi which records the amount of kilometers traveled in your journey.  The taxi fare is calculated against these kilometers, according to the length of the journey as well.  Make sure that your taxi’s meter is switched on, and in working condition, so that your fare will be accurately calculated.  In some cases there may be set fares to certain regularly traveled areas.  Keep in mind that there could be additional fares applicable to your journey which are not included in the metered rate.  These may include fees for luggage loaded, extra fees for traveling late at night or on Sundays and holidays, and fees for more than four passengers using the taxi service.  There can be airport taxi charges as well.  Your taxi driver should be able to tell you more about which charges will be applicable to your journey. 

Taxis can also be used to travel to the airport from Trieste.  They are available from all the main train and bus stations in the city (the Central Bus and Train Stations are located in Piazza Libertà 8), and from many of the main squares or tourist locations.  It is possible to hail a taxi from the street if they are empty, or you can call and arrange to have one come and collect you from your location.  Many of the main tourist sights in Trieste are within walking distance, and therefore will not require a taxi. 

Most passengers who use the taxi services at Trieste Airport find the drivers to be friendly and helpful, and worth the extra few Euro.  Trieste Airport offers further information about transport and taxi services from their information desks, as well as from their tourism information center.