Buses to and from Brescia Airport (VBS)

Brescia Airport is located in northern Italy, approximately 20 km from the city centre of Brescia, and around 60 km from Verona, which is a very popular city for tourism. The airport is also known as Montichiari Airport, or Gabriele d’Annunzio Airport, after a famous Italian poet and nationalist. Brescia Airport is smaller than its Verona Villafranca Airport counterpart, handling just 200,000 passengers per year. The low-cost airline company of Ryanair handles most flights from the airport. Although it is a smaller airport in Italy, there are a number of transportation options once you arrive at the terminal. Various bus services are available, travelling to a few useful destinations. The bus services at airports are usually the most cost effective form of transport available.

The bus services at Brescia Airport are easy to find. There is just one passenger terminal at the airport, and the buses depart from directly outside the terminal. Simply exit the building and you will see clearly marked bus stops, if the buses are not directly outside. Once you have collected your baggage and are in the arrivals hall, there is an office to the right that sells bus tickets. It does have a sign marking it as the shuttle bus ticket office. There is usually a queue for tickets, as everyone who will be travelling by bus that has just come off the flight will need to buy a ticket. The buses do however wait until all the passengers have bought their bus tickets and have arrived at the bus stop.

There are two main bus services operating from Brescia Airport, one of which travels to the Brescia bus and train station, or ‘Brescia Autostazione’, in the Italian language. This bus leaves from the bus stop marked as ‘Bus to Brescia’ at the airport. The second bus service travels to Verona.

The bus service between Brescia Airport and Brescia  

The bus services from the airport are all timed to coincide with arriving flights, therefore if your flight is delayed for some reason, the buses/coaches will still be waiting for you. This bus travels to the main bus and train station in Brescia, arriving at Stop No. 23. It is available every day of the week at times depending on when the flights will be arriving at the airport. It is best to consult a timetable on Brescia Airport’s official website to see their departure times when you will be travelling. A one-way fare to Brescia costs around 7.50 Euro, and tickets can also be purchased on the bus from the driver.

After arriving in Brescia, you will find the railway station within short walking distance of the bus stop. It is just over the footbridge and then down the steps. If your destination is in Brescia, the historic centre of the town is within walking distance of the bus stop, or you can choose to catch one of the local buses. The buses at Brescia Bus Station travel back to the airport from bus stop No. 23, and the journey takes around 25 minutes. The bus service is called the navette, and is operated by a company called CGA.

The bus service between Brescia Airport and Verona 

This is a special bus service that mainly transports passengers arriving on Ryanair flights from London-Stansted; however, you do not need to be a passenger on a Ryanair flight to make use of the bus service. The bus travels to the Porta Nuova Bus/Train Station in Verona, and the journey is about an hour. A one-way ticket costs approximately 11 Euro, while a return ticket is around 16 Euro. If you have a return ticket, the bus driver will write your return date on the back of it. Tickets are purchased from the ticket office in the arrivals hall. The buses are modern and comfortable, with air conditioning, and generally provide a very efficient service to Verona.

Once arriving at Porta Nuova in Verona, you will find a taxi rank just nearby from where the bus stops, and you can also continue your journey by train, from the train station. It is also possible to walk to your hotel if it is located in Corsa Porta Nuova. If you choose to walk, it is best to have a luggage bag that is on wheels, as it is a 10 to 15 minute walk. You will pass two petrol stations as well as cross two busy roads until reaching the Porta Nuova, which is one of the old gates into Verona, and very easy to locate. The Corsa Nuova is now in this direction.

On your way back to Brescia Airport, the buses also depart from the Porta Nuova Bus Station, with regular services available. Tickets are sold on the bus or at the ticket office. Sometimes the buses can be a little late, but they will get you to the airport in time for your departure flight.

Passengers arriving at Brescia Airport can also use the CGA bus services that travel to Gardaland. Gardaland is a theme park located nearby Lake Garda. However, this service is only available over weekends, and bookings should be made in advance. There may also be services to the Lake Garda area itself.

Brescia Airport has an information desk in the terminal building for any further enquiries about the airport or bus services.
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