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Brescia Airport (VBS) Taxis

Brescia Airport is situated in northern Italy, in the region known as the ‘heel of Italy’s boot’, and approximately 20 km from the city of Brescia. This is the Lombardy region of Italy, and most popular for the beautiful lakes of Garda and Iseo. Although Brescia is not considered to be a major tourist destination, the airport handles around 200,000 passengers per year, many of which are heading for Verona. Using a flight to Brescia Airport is often cheaper than a direct flight to one of Italy’s larger airports. Brescia Airport is also well known as Montichiari Airport, due to its location, or Gabriele d’Annunzio Airport, after an Italian poet and nationalist of the area. There are various transport options at the airport, mostly provided by buses, but taxis are also a popular way to travel. Taxis are however more expensive.

There is one modern terminal building with all the facilities required by passengers at Brescia Airport, and it is very easy to navigate. The bus stops and taxi rank can be found just outside the arrivals area, from where you exit airport. There are two main taxi companies that offer their services at the airport – Taxi Montichiari Association and Radio Taxi Brescia. Their contact numbers are +39 030 9960504 and +39 030 35111, respectively. Passengers can simply hire a taxi when they arrive at Brescia Airport, or call for one in advance, in order to ensure their service will be available.

Taxis in Italy are generally white or yellow in colour, and have a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They should also display an identifying number on their sides (usually the driver’s side), which can be used when filing a complaint should there be any problems with the driver. It is also used to report any taxi for misconduct. Passengers are always advised at Italian airports to try and only use the services of legitimate airport taxis. Sometimes unofficial individuals will try to offer you their services in the arrival halls of airports, for cheaper rates most of the time. These drivers should be avoided, as they are often unlicensed and without the necessary insurance. Official airport taxis will always be at the taxi rank of the airport, and the drivers will be waiting at their vehicles, and not in the arrival halls. Passengers stand a higher risk of being overcharged from unsolicited drivers, and there may be no way of making a complaint if you experience any problems.

Although taking a taxi is very quick and convenient, especially if you are in a hurry or have lots of luggage, they are more expensive than buses or trains. It is best to know more about how a taxi operates in order to determine whether their fees will be worth your while. Taxis in Italy run according to a meter, and this is the device that records the length of your journey. Always ensure that your taxi’s meter is turned on and in working condition. There have been cases where drivers claim that their meter is broken, and the passengers end up being overcharged. The taxi fare is then calculated in accordance to the km’s travelled. Keep in mind that there may be extra fees applicable which are not included in the metered fare. Extra charges may be added for luggage loaded, travelling late at night or on Sundays and public holidays, animals transported in the taxi or for more than four passengers. There could even be airport charges when using a taxi from an airport location. The driver of your taxi should be able to explain which charges will affect your journey, and how much they will cost. It is advisable to discuss the taxi fare with your driver before you leave the airport, as it is much harder to argue the price once you have arrived at your destination. Ensure as well that your luggage will fit into the taxi you are choosing, as hiring two taxis just to transport your luggage may be unnecessarily expensive. If you have extraordinary luggage, or a large amount of luggage, you may wish to hire a minivan or similar vehicle from a private company.

Taxis are also available in Brescia, to provide transport to Brescia Airport. There are usually taxi ranks at the main bus and train stations, and other busier public or tourist locations in the city. It may be possible to hail one from the street as well, should the taxi be empty. Otherwise, it is best to call and make arrangements with a taxi to come and fetch you from your location. If you are staying at a hotel, the reception staff are usually more than willing to arrange one for you. They will also know of a good taxi company to use. Taxi drivers are knowledgeable on the area, and therefore may be able to assist you with other questions you have about tourist areas, hotels, restaurants etc.

Slightly further destinations from the city centre of Brescia include Bergamo – 50 km, Verona – 60 km, Cremona – 56 km, Mantova – 46 km, Piacenza – 84 km and Parma – 115 km. Milan is situated about 120 km from Brescia Airport.

Travelling by taxi to or from Brescia Airport is a very convenient travel solution, and most passengers find their services to be quick and reliable, and the drivers to be courteous, friendly and helpful. However, if you have never driven in an Italian city, you must be aware that the drivers and their driving techniques are somewhat ‘different’, or in other words, rather fast and impatient!
If you intend to travel around the area during your stay, it might be more economical to rent a car at Brescia Airport.

Taxi prices from/to Brescia Airport

Brescia 65 minutes 70 KM -
Malcesine 90 minutes 87 KM
A table showing taxi prices to and from Brescia Airport

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