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Nearby Car Rental Pick-up and Drop-Off Locations

Brescia City Centre

Via Della Stazione, 49 C o Salone Autonoleggi, C o Carrozzeria Ambra, Brescia, 25124, Lombardia

14.58 KM


Brescia Train Station

Via Della Stazione, 88, Brescia, 25122, Lombardy

14.77 KM


Desenzano Del Garda City Centre

Via Rambotti, 17, Desenzano Del Garda, 25015, Lombardia

16.94 KM


Guidizzolo City Centre

Via Henry Dunant N° 10, Guidizzolo, 46040

22.38 KM


Peschiera Del Garda City Centre

Via Valeggio, Piazzale Autostrada, Peschiera Del Garda, 37019

28.45 KM



Via Gardesana 129, Lazise, 37017

33.07 KM


Bardolino Downtown

Via Santa Cristina 2, Eni Station, Bardolino Vr, 37011

33.91 KM


Cremona City Centre

Via Castelleone 130, Cremona, 26100

40.08 KM


Verona Airport Villafranca

Valerio Catullo Apt, Sommacampagna, 37066
+ 27 more

45.19 KM


Mantova City Centre

Strada Dosso Del Corsa 1, C o Carrozzeria Cremonesi 2, Mantova, 46100

46.73 KM


Verona City Centre

Via G. Murari Bra 35 f, Verona, 37136
+ 14 more

51.21 KM


Verona Train Station

Piazza Renato Simoni 33a, Verona, 37122
+ 8 more

51.37 KM


Milan Crema

Via Milano 55, Crema, 26013

53.32 KM


Milan Airport Bergamo

Via Aeroporto 13, Bergamo, 24050, Lombardia
+ 30 more

55.40 KM


Treviglio City Centre

Via Caravaggio 45 47, Treviglio Bg, 24047

57.87 KM


Bergamo City Centre

Via San Bernardino N. 133 a, Bergamo, 24126

59.00 KM



Via Bergamo 68, Curno, 24035

62.04 KM


Piacenza Train Station

Viale Sant ambrogio 33, Piacenza, 29121

64.05 KM


Piacenza City Centre

Via Farnesiana 12b, Piacenza, 29122

64.26 KM


Riva Del Garda City Centre

Autosoccorso Tasin Arturo, Via Monte Misone 66, Riva Del Garda, 38066

65.20 KM


Fidenza City Centre

Via Abate Zani 56 C o Centro Commerciale Sma, Fidenza, 43036

65.69 KM


Parma Paradigna

Via Carra 11, Parma, Pr

65.75 KM


Lodi City Centre

V.le Dei Platani N. 1 Angolo Viale Pavia, Angolo Viale Pavia, Lodi, 26900

66.53 KM


66.89 KM


67.07 KM


Parma City Centre

Strada Dei Mercati 3, Parma, 43126, Emilia Romanga
+ 10 more

69.30 KM


Busnago mb

Via Italia 46, Busnago, Mb

71.42 KM


Rovereto City Centre

Bretella Ai Fiori 4, Rovereto, 38068

75.17 KM


Cernusco Sul Naviglio City Centre

Via Isonzo 11, Pessano Con Bornago, 20060

78.32 KM


Milan City Centre Segrate

Via Conte Suardi 96, Segrate, 20090

80.90 KM


Milan City Centre Novegro

Via Di Novegro 49, Milan, 20090

81.92 KM


Milan Airport Linate

Forlanini Apt Drop Off Key Box At Main Office, Milano, 20090
+ 24 more

82.41 KM


Reggio Emilia Pieve Modolena

Via Garonna 15e, Reggio Emilia, Re

82.50 KM


San Donato City Centre

Via Dante Alighieri 21 d, San Donato Milan, 20097

82.92 KM


Reggio Emilia City Centre

Via F.lli Bruschi, 27, C o Centro Polifunzionale Aristotele buco Del Signore, Reggio Emilia, 42100
+ 8 more

83.07 KM


Milan City Centre San Giuliano

Via Po 3, Milan, 20098

83.50 KM



Via Lenin, 8, Carpi Mo C o Carrozzeria Ariani, 41012

83.53 KM


Milan City Centre San Donato

Via Dante, 21 d, San Donato, 20097, Lombardy

84.46 KM


Monza City Centre

Viale Liberta 87, Monza, 20052, Lombardia

84.48 KM


Milan City Centre Rottole

Via Carnia 7 9, Milan, 20132

85.36 KM


Milan Sesto San Giovanni

Via Libero Biagi, 55 c16, Via Libero Biagi, 55 c16, Sesto San Giovanni milano, 20099
+ 8 more

85.68 KM


Milan City Centre Corvetto

Piazzale Corvetto 8, Milan, 20139

86.11 KM


Lecco City Centre

Via Ettore Monti, 59 a, Galbiate, 23851
+ 6 more

86.36 KM


Schio City Centre

Via Veneto 22, Schio, 36015

86.52 KM


Milan Viale A. Doria

Viale A. Doria, 46, Milan, 20124

87.09 KM


Milan City Centre Porta Vittoria

Viale Umbria 18, Milano, 20135

87.39 KM


Cinisella Balsamo City Centre

Via Monfalcone 13, Cinisello Balsamo, 20092

87.86 KM


Milan Central Train Station

Via Vittor Pisani 7, Milan, 20124
+ 18 more

87.87 KM

Car Rental at Brescia - Popular Questions

question_answer Where are the closest car rental company locations outside Brescia Airport?
The nearest car rental operator locations outside Brescia Airport can be found at:
  • Brescia City Centre (Via Della Stazione, 49 C o Salone Autonoleggi, C o Carrozzeria Ambra, Brescia, 25124, Lombardia) 14.58 KM away.
  • Brescia Train Station (Via Della Stazione, 88, Brescia, 25122, Lombardy) 14.77 KM away.
  • Desenzano Del Garda City Centre (Via Rambotti, 17, Desenzano Del Garda, 25015, Lombardia) 16.94 KM away.
  • Guidizzolo City Centre (Via Henry Dunant N° 10, Guidizzolo, 46040) 22.38 KM away.
  • Peschiera Del Garda City Centre (Via Valeggio, Piazzale Autostrada, Peschiera Del Garda, 37019) 28.45 KM away.
  • Lazise (Via Gardesana 129, Lazise, 37017) 33.07 KM away.
  • Bardolino Downtown (Via Santa Cristina 2, Eni Station, Bardolino Vr, 37011) 33.91 KM away.
  • Cremona City Centre (Via Castelleone 130, Cremona, 26100) 40.08 KM away.
  • Verona Airport Villafranca (Valerio Catullo Apt, Sommacampagna, 37066) 45.19 KM away.
  • Mantova City Centre (Strada Dosso Del Corsa 1, C o Carrozzeria Cremonesi 2, Mantova, 46100) 46.73 KM away.

Car Hire at Brescia Airport - Information

Brescia Airport is located in Italy’s Lombardy region, towards the northern side of the country. It is also 20 km from the city of Brescia and is a popular destination for those coming to visit the famous lakes of Garda and Iseo. Brescia is also known as Montichiari Airport, as it is located in Montichiari, or Gabriele d’Annunzio Airport, in honor of an Italian nationalist and poet who spent time in this area. Passengers who do not want to use the bus or taxi services can hire a vehicle from the car rental companies available. Your own rented car is a wonderful way in which to explore the surrounding areas of Brescia and to travel to slightly further and more popular tourist cities.

The airport consists of one terminal building, which is very neat and modern. There are also various facilities available within the passenger terminal, and it is easy to find your way around. The car hire companies are all located in the arrivals area and they include the companies of Avis, Budget, Europcar, National, Alamo, Maggiore and Auto Europa. These are all car rental companies of very high quality, offering a wide range of vehicles and services.

Although driving in the centre of most Italian cities is not recommended, especially if you are unfamiliar with the driving techniques of most Italians, which can be rather fast and impatient, having a rented car to drive between cities and towns is much more convenient than working out bus and train schedules. Many use the airport for their cheaper flights and then travel on towards Verona, Milan, Bergamo or other areas of greater interest. Verona is only 60 km from Brescia Airport, and is a city that is famous for its medieval charm and many other attractions. Mantova is approximately 46 km from the airport, while Bergamo is around 40 km away. Other areas within easy driving distance of the airport include Cremona – 56 km, Padova – 152 km, Parma – 115 km, Vicenza – 121 km, Trento – 160 km, Ferrara – 140 km, Rovigo – 150 km, Modena – 160 km and Bolzano, a little further at around 212 km.

The airport is linked to the main roads of the A4 and A21 motorways, which provide easy travel to areas such as Milano, Venezia, Verona, Mantova, Trento and Bolzano. When driving back to the airport, the exit of ‘Brescia Est’ should be used from these locations, and the ‘Manerbio’ Exit if travelling from Piacenza or Cremona. The airport and these locations are well directed by signposts.

Various items of equipment can be hired from car rental companies that will make your journey through Italy safer and easier. A child car seat is essential, as Italian laws require young children to be securely seated within a vehicle, and many companies offer satellite navigation systems for hire. A GPS unit is wonderful to have with you, especially if you have never been to Italy before. The units offered are of the highest quality, and incorporate the latest features of satellite technology. Even if you have never used a GPS system before, you will find the colour touch screens and interfaces to be beginner-friendly. They usually offer turn-by-turn directions, a choice of languages, traffic updates in real time and an extensive list of points of interest. Although these items do come with an extra rental price for each day they are hired, they are well worth the extra few Euros, as they greatly contribute to the success of your journey in Italy.

Although cars can be arranged at the rental desk of your chosen car hire company, it is often recommended to have an advanced reservation. Advanced bookings can be made online, as each of the companies listed above provide a detailed website for your convenience. The online booking process is simple, and you will feel rest assured in knowing your ideal vehicle will be ready and waiting for your arrival. Their websites also offer plenty of information about the vehicle categories available at the airport, size and luggage capacities of the vehicles and their rental procedures and policies. Cars are, from the majority of car hire companies, booked according to a vehicle category, and not their specific makes and models.

The primary rente with car hire Brescia, is required to be at least 21 years of age, and to have a valid drivers license. The renter must have held the driver’s license for a period of no less than one year prior to the rental date. Younger drivers between the ages of 21 and 25 may pay a higher rental rate, in the form of a ‘young drivers fee’, which is a rate applicable to each day of rental, and each underage driver registered on the rental contract, up until a maximum of ten rental days. Certain car hire companies also do not permit younger drivers to hire larger or specialty type vehicles. Various types of insurances are available from each company, and sometimes certain types of insurance policies are mandatory when hiring a vehicle. A major credit card in the name of the primary renter is needed in order to pay for the rental, for example, American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard / MasterCard and Visa. Additional drivers should meet the same requirements as the primary renter, and in some cases, an International Driving Permit is also required.

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