Low Cost Venice Airport Parking

There are many parking options at Marco Polo Airport. Passengers can decide whether short-term parking or long-term parking will be moreconvenient. The parking areas also vary between undercover areas, garage parking and open-air parking areas.

All parking areas can be found by driving in the direction of Marco Polo Airport, when turning off the SS14 Triestina. The car parks are managed by Marco Polo Park srl.

Passengers can be dropped-off or picked-up in front of the new terminal building. To get to the new terminal, drive straight and then to the left, just after the 2nd roundabout. Follow the road until you reach the terminal. Cars may not be parked and left unattended in this area. This area is intended for parking of only a few minutes. The drop-off/pick-up zone is closely monitored by the airport officials.

Short-Term Parking at Marco Polo Airport

Short-stay parking is available directly in front of the new terminal building. The area next to the short-stay parking lot is called the Il Milione and is also for short-term parking. To reach these areas drive straight, going past the two roundabouts and turn left as if you were driving to the new terminal. Take the first road to the left before you reach the terminal.

At the short-term parking area there are two cash points, as well as one in the new terminal building. Passengers can pay in cash or by credit card.

Long-Term Parking Areas at Marco Polo Airport

There are various long-term car parks available. Close to the older terminal there are the P1 areas. One is an uncovered area and the other a multi-storey garage parking area. Drive past the two roundabouts and the road leading to the new terminal. Follow the road to the left and you will see the parking areas. Here there is a cash point and a pay desk with an operator. At the desk, passengers may pay in cash, with a cash card or credit card.

Between the two terminal buildings there is a parking area called Speedy Park

Nearer to the new terminal, is the long-term parking area 2 and 3. They are both uncovered areas. Next to car park 2 is the rent a car park. There is a cash point in car park 2. Car park 2 is located on the left-hand side when driving towards the terminals, at the second roundabout.

Other long-term parking areas are Park 4 (Tour operated long-term parking area) and Park 5 (Ca’ da Mosto). The long-term parking areas are generally more economical than the short-term parking areas.

Complimentary shuttle buses provide transport to the airport terminals.

Motorboat Parking at Marco Polo

Passengers can arrive by boat and park at the dock, nearby the ferry boats and water taxis. The distance from the water to the airport is a 7-10 minute walk.

Disabled Parking at Marco Polo

Dedicated parking spaces for disabled drivers are located in all of the parking areas. The multi-storey parking lot has designated spaces near to the entranceway and elevators. Shuttle buses from the long-term parking areas are wheelchair accessible.

Hotel Parking Marco Polo Airport

Passengers, who would like to be close to the airport the night before their departure, can stay at one of the nearby hotels. Most of the hotels then offer free parking and a courtesy shuttle service to and from the airport. A reservation is recommended.

At Marco Polo Airport, passengers are sure to find their ideal parking space.

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