Taxis to and from Verona Airport (VRN)

Verona International Airport, also known as Valerio Catullo di Verona Villafranca, offers a variety of transportation options for their passengers. One of the popular ways to travel to or from the airport is by taxi.

Verona Airport consists of two terminal buildings. One is the Arrivals terminal, a single level building, and the other is the Departures terminal, which is a building with two levels. Passengers arriving at the airport will find many taxis available just outside the Arrivals terminal. The main taxi companies which operate from Verona Airport include Unione Radio Taxi, Taxi & Autoblu, Radiotaxi Catullo and Chaffeur. Unione Radio Taxi can be contacted at the following number: +39 045 532 666, Taxi & Autoblu at +39 045 858 1403, Radiotaxi Catullo at +39 045 981 5997, and Chaffeur at +39 045 631 1551.

Verona Airport is located at short distance of 5 km (3.1 miles) from the city of Verona, therefore a taxi ride to the center of Verona will only take about 15 minutes. A journey to this vicinity will cost approximately €15.00 to €20.00.

Most passengers find the taxi services to be a very convenient way to reach their destination, simply because they do not have to worry about finding the best route to follow, and carrying heavy luggage on and off buses. However, traveling by taxi is always the most expensive mode of transport. Taxis not only charge for the miles traveled, but also for the amount of luggage loaded, traveling late at night or on Sundays and bank holidays, as well as for more than four passengers. There could even be extra fees for traveling to the airport. The miles traveled are indicated by a meter in the taxi. You should always make sure that this meter is turned on and in working condition. Unfortunately, there are cases when the meter is broken, or the taxi driver claims that it is ‘broken’, and in this scenario the taxi fare should be discussed before leaving the airport. It is far easier to argue the price of the trip before you leave, rather than after you have arrived at your destination. You can also ask the driver to explain what charges will be added to your trip if you are unsure of the price you will pay.

Only official taxis should be used, and they are usually yellow or white in color, with a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They should also have an identifying number on the side of the vehicle, which is the number of the taxi. If you have any trouble with your taxi, this number can be quoted in your complaint.

Taxis in Italy generally do not stop and pick up passengers alongside the road. This is not to say that they won’t stop if they are unoccupied, but it may be difficult to hail one from the street. Taxis in the city can be found at the main railway or bus stations, as well as at most major public or tourist areas. There is a taxi rank at the Central Railway Station (Porta Nuova) in Verona. It is also usually cheaper to walk to one of the taxi ranks than to call a taxi. The reason for this is that the taxi meter is turned on from where the driver leaves to come and collect you, and not from your location. Therefore, do not be surprised to find miles already loaded on your meter. However, if it is a matter of convenience, the extra money will be worth it.

Verona is surrounded by many popular towns and cities. The following are a few, along with their distances from the airport. Bergamo, 116 km from the airport, Bologna – 138 km, Bolzano – 150 km, Brescia – 75 km, Cremona – 111 km, Mantova – 48 km, and Milano, which is 140 km from Verona.

Despite the fact that difficulties can be experienced with taxi fares, most passengers arriving at Verona find the taxis to be a comfortable and convenient way to travel, and the taxi drivers to be polite and friendly.