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Verona Airport, also known as Villafranca Airport or Valerio Catullo Airport, is a modern and well-equipped international airport. It consists of two separate terminal buildings. One terminal is for arrivals only, and this is a single level building. The other terminal is for departures, and this building has two levels. Passengers or visitors arriving by car at Verona will find the parking facilities to be more than adequate as well.

There are almost 5,300 spaces for vehicles. 1,200 of these spaces are undercover, and there are short-term parking areas and long-term parking areas available. The parking facilities are divided into the areas of short-term parking, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6. The parking lots of P1, P2, P3 and P4 are for medium to long term parking, while P5 is for reserved parking. P6 is for ‘coperto’ parking. P5 is located to the right of the airport’s entrance, and P6 can be found just passed the Airport Hotel and Central Services. There is also an area for low cost parking with 970 spaces available. This area is located just passed the P3 parking lot.

The short-term parking areas are conveniently located outside the Arrival and Departure terminals. These areas are free for the first 15 minutes, and can be ideally used to load or unload passengers and baggage. If you need to park for longer, the charges are €0.50 for half an hour, €1.50 for 30/60 minutes, €3.00 for 60/120 minutes, and every following hour up to 8 hours, €4.00.

The parking areas of P1, P2, P3 and P4 have approximately the same charges. The first hour is charged at €5.00, €6.00 for one to two hours, €7.00 for two to four hours, €9.00 for four to eight hours and €11.00 for eight to twelve hours. For between twelve and twenty-four hours P1 is charged at €16.00, P2 at €14.00, and P3 and P4 at €13.00. After the first 24 hours of parking, each set of following twelve hour period is charged at €6.50. After the fifth day, each set of following twelve hour period is charged at €4.50. The low cost parking area will cost €4.00 per day.

Parking terms and conditions, as well as payment instructions are displayed at the car park entrances. Payments for parking at Verona Airport can be made in a variety of ways. In the Arrivals terminal there is a manned pay station which is open from 06:00 to midnight. There is also an automatic cash machine. Cash machines are also located outside the Departure terminal, in the short-term parking area and in the P4 parking area. Passengers can also pay directly as they leave the parking area by using their parking ticket and credit card. The accepted credit cards are American Express, Visa, Diners Club, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Eurocard.

Special parking fares are available for those passengers traveling with Tour Operators. Travel agencies can provide more information about the Catullo Parking Voucher. These vouchers are for long-term parking. When paying for your parking, you must have your booking confirmation available to show the staff at the manned cashier station.

Verona Airport offers free parking spaces for disabled drivers. They can be located in the P1 an P4 parking areas, as well as in the short-term parking areas. Other facilities provided by the airport for disabled passengers include adapted toilet facilities and lifts for boarding the airplanes. Passengers can request special assistance from their airline company at the time of flight reservation.

Passengers and visitors who do not wish to park at the airport can travel by bus or taxi. The Aerobus travels to the airport from the train station of Porta Nuova, and the Airport Shuttle can be booked for door-to-door transport services. Taxis can be called, or are available at any train or bus station, or major public area in the city. Reputable taxi companies in Verona include Unione Radio Taxi, Taxi & Autoblu, Radiotaxi Catullo and Chaffeur.

Although the airport accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss or theft that should occur in their parking areas, passengers parking at the airport will find the parking available to be as safe as any other, and more than convenient and adequate for their needs.

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