Trains to and from Verona Airport (VRN)

Although Verona Airport is an international airport which handles more than three and a half million passengers a year, it does not have its own train station on site. However, this does not create any problems for passengers who travel by train, as the main train station in Verona is only a short bus trip away from the airport.

The railway station in Verona is called the Porta Nuova, and is connected to Verona Airport by the Aerobus. The Aerobus travels to Porta Nuova from the airport every twenty minutes, and a one-way ticket costs €4.50. The buses depart from outside the Arrivals Hall. The first bus leaves at 5:40 in the morning, and the services run up until 11:10 at night.

Similar to the above mentioned information, Aerobuses leave Porta Nuova for Verona Airport every twenty minutes during the same time schedule. Passengers will find this bus service a very cost effective and convenient way to travel between the airport and the train station. Alternatively, there are many taxis available at the taxi rank next to Porta Nuova, or at the airport outside the Arrivals terminal. A journey by taxi will only take about 15 minutes, and will cost between €15.00 and €20.00. Although more expensive, some people often prefer to take a taxi, as it is sometimes difficult to negotiate heavy or large amounts of luggage on buses.

Porta Nuova is located to the south of Verona’s city center, in the square of Piazzale 25 Aprile. It was established in 1852, but required substantial re-construction between 1910 and 1922. During World War II the train station suffered damage from bombings, and had to be rebuilt again between 1946 and 1949. Today, Porta Nuova is an extremely busy train station, handling approximately 68,000 passengers on a daily basis, with a total of 25 million passengers per year. It is regarded as the ninth busiest railway station in Italy. The train station incorporates urban and suburban public transport, and is also nearby the major bus terminal of ‘Azienda Trasporti Verona’ – ATV. Many buses travel from here to towns in the provinces of Verona and the Veneto.

The Porta Nuova Train Station consists of various levels. The ground floor has several buildings, including the platform level which is used for passenger services, and other offices on the west side. The side next to the square is used for commercial activities. The first and second floor of the station are occupied by offices, and the basement level is used by Ferrovie dello Stato, for their offices. Ferrovie dello Stato operates many train services between Verona and other major cities in Northern Italy, on a daily basis. There are 37 trains a day available between Venice and Verona, and about 40 trains a day to and from Milan. Each day, five trains arrive at the station from Rome. Passengers can travel to Lake Garda by train. These trains run to Desenzano del Garda every 30 minutes, and traveling time is only 20 minutes. Porto Nuova is also connected to the Milan-Venice line and the Brennero-Rome line. Ferrovie dello Stato has a website at

Traveling by train in Italy is a very popular mode of transport, and there are various rail passes available to help keep traveling expenses low. Passes are available that are designed especially for families traveling with children or for younger travelers. Many people like to travel on the train at night, as it is cheaper to book a couchette on a train (or room) than at a hotel, and you arrive at your destination early in the morning, ready to go. When traveling by train, always be courteous to the other travelers, and especially to the train personnel. In some cases their English is not very good, and an argument or misunderstanding could easily occur.

The airport offers more information about transportation at their information desks within the airport terminals.

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