Verona to Cagliari Flights

You have a selection of 4 airlines when departing Valerio Catullo to Elmas. When flying from Valerio Catullo to Elmas you will cover 700 Km (435 Miles) with the flight time at approximately 1 Hour 38 Minutes. The airport code for Valerio Catullo is VRN and for Elmas it is CAG.

The cost of your trip (flights) can change at weekends and at certain times of the day (if there is a choice of flights to your chosen destination. With the advent of cheap no frills flights it may be worth booking in advance if possible to get the best deal to Elmas Italy, perhaps late evening or midweek. It is always advisable to book as early as possible. With most airliners prices will go up the closer you get to the departure date.

The table below displays the numbers of daily flights from Valerio Catullo (VRN) to Elmas (CAG) and the relevant airlines that fly.

AirlinerMoTuWeThFrSaSuFirst FlightLast Flight

Ryanair offer the most direct flights from Valerio Catullo to Elmas with 1 flight a week. This flight departs 00:10 and the flight number is normally FR322 and FR481

Please visit for more information regarding booking a flight with Ryanair.

Please see below the times of flights from Ryanair. These times and frequency may vary at different times of the year please visit the website for more information.

DayFlight Times
Tuesday11:20 and 22:45
Wednesday00:10 and 20:05
Thursday09:15 and 22:10

Instead of flying directly from Valerio Catullo and arrive at Elmas Ryanair, you may arrive Elmas by another airport. Please see chart below for a list of these.

RouteStopsDistanceFlying Time
Verona to Alghero0570 km (354 miles)1 Hour 29 Minutes
Verona to Olbia0512 km (318 miles)1 Hour 25 Minutes

Remember to have some local currency before travelling to Elmas as there may not be a bureau de change open upon your arrival.

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