Taxis to and from Bari Airport (BRI)

Taxis are readily available at Bari International Airport. They can be easily located just outside the Arrivals Hall. There are three recommended taxi services at the airport, and they are EuroTaxi, Radiotaxi and Taxi Apulia.

More information can be found for Radio Taxi on their website of, or by calling them at 080 554 3333. Taxi Apulia has a website at, and their phone number is 080 534 6666. EuroTaxi can be contacted at +39 5848 030 721.

Although traveling by taxi is always more expensive than taking one of the buses, many passengers find them to be far more convenient, especially if there is heavy luggage to be transported. Since Bari Airport is located only 8 km from Bari’s city center, it is a quick 25 minute journey by taxi. The price of this trip is approximately €20.00.

Taxi services should always be carefully selected, as there are often unofficial drivers who offer cheaper services, and these taxis should be avoided, as you could be charged much higher prices than acceptable once you arrive at your destination. If the taxi is not from a reputable company, you will also have no way of querying your unfair taxi charges. Official Italian taxis are usually yellow or white, and have a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They should also have an identifying number on the side of the taxi, usually located on the outside of the driver’s door.

It is important to make sure that your taxi has a meter that is turned on and in working order. This meter determines the length of your trip, and ultimately the taxi fare charged. Some drivers may claim that their meter is not working, and in this case you should discuss the taxi fare with the driver before leaving. It is far more difficult to argue the price once your journey has been completed, than before leaving. The charges indicated by the meter may not be the total price. There are also charges added for luggage loaded, late night travel or travel on Sundays and public holidays, and for more than four passengers, not too mention airport fees as well. If you are unsure of what your charges will entail, it is best to discuss them with the driver of the taxi before driving to your destination.

Apart from at major airports like Bari International, taxis can usually be found at all the railway stations and main public or tourist areas in the city. If you need a taxi, it is your cheapest option to walk to one of these areas, should this be possible. You can also call for a taxi, but be aware that the meter starts running from where the driver leaves to collect you, and not from your collection point. Therefore, do not be surprised to find miles already loaded when the taxi arrives. Not much success has been found through hailing a taxi from the streets within Italian cities, as they are usually occupied, but if they are empty, they may well stop and pick you up.

Besides taxi services, there are a few buses available which travel to the Bari Centrale (Central Railway Station), and other surrounding Puglia cities. The Tempest Buses and the AMTAB Buses travel at regular intervals from the airport to the Piazza Aldo Moro square, which houses three different railway stations. There are also the free Pugliairbuses which provide a connection to the other airports of Foggia, Taranto and Brindisi.

Most passengers at Bari Airport find the taxi services to be comfortable, convenient and worthwhile for paying the extra few Euros. More information can be obtained from Bari Airport’s Information Desk, located in the Departure Hall.