Getting to Bari Airport (BRI)

Bari International Airport is located just 8 km (5 miles) from the city center of Bari. This airport is situated on the Adriatic coast, in the southern region of Puglia. Bari is a big port city, and is considered to have an important harbor. Bari Airport, along with the port of Bari, make a good gateway to the south of Italy.

Bari Airport is actually situated in the area known as Palese, and this is why the airport is often referred to as Bari Palese Airport. The airport is surrounded by a few easily accessible roads. The E55 should be taken if you are driving to the airport from the southern cities of Brindisi and Lecce. The E843 should be followed when driving from Taranto. If you are driving from Naples, Termoli, Pescar or Bologna, then follow the A14. Signposts will also help indicate the direction of the airport.

If you have a satellite navigation system in your car, you could use the latitude reference of East, and the longitude reference of North.

Once arriving at Bari Airport, passengers and visitors will find plenty of adequate parking spaces, including those for disabled drivers, and a modern, well equipped, single terminal building. The terminal building was upgraded in 2007 to meet the needs of the increasing numbers of traffic passing through the airport on a yearly basis, and now covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters. Along with the passenger terminal building, a new control tower was built, and the runway was extended.

A number of interesting and useful shops can be found at the airport, selling a variety of goods such as jewelry, newspapers and books, mobile telephones, tobacco goods, electronics, local specialties and necessary travel items and cosmetics. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars for those who have some time to spare before their departure.

The Banca Antonveneta is situated within Bari Airport for all your banking requirements during working hours. There are various ATMs located throughout the airport for smaller banking transactions. The Departures Hall features the SEAP Lounge, which is open from 05:00 to 21:00. Here business travelers can make use of the offices and meeting rooms, and also find other business equipment. Lost and found offices are located in the Arrival’s Hall (SEAP Lost and Found).

Besides traveling to Bari Airport by car, there are a few other transportation options. From the Bari Central Railway Station, the buses of Tempesta and AMTAB travel to the airport at regular intervals. The AMTAB buses are an urban bus service, while the Tempesta buses are shuttles which travel directly to the airport. The AMTAB Buses are cheaper, but they take a bit longer to reach the airport. Tickets for the AMTAB Buses are €0.80 and for the Tempesta Buses, €4.15. During the summer months, Pugliairbuses are available, and they connect Bari Airport to the other Puglia airports of Foggia, Taranto and Brindisi. They also travel to other main cities in Puglia, including the UNESCO site of Matera. The Pugliairbuses require passengers to have an airline ticket or a firm reservation. It is also wise to book a seat on these buses in advance. This can be done from the website of

There are plenty of taxis outside the Arrivals Hall of Bari Airport. The reputable taxi companies at the airport include Radiotaxi, Taxi Apulia and EuroTaxi. When taking a taxi, passengers should be aware that there may be extra charges for luggage, late-night driving and services on Sundays and public holidays, as well as for more than four passengers. There is no railway station at Bari Airport.

Bari Airport offers more information on their facilities and airport procedures at their Information Desk, located in the Departures Hall.