Catania Live Flight Arrivals

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est. Status
Turin (TRN) Blue Air 0B4001 10:10 09:48 Landed
Amsterdam (AMS) EasyJet U27965 10:15 10:20 Landed
Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR4852 10:15 10:45 Delayed
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ1731expand_more(7) 10:20 10:24 En-Route
Rome (FCO) AirSERBIA JU7203 10:20 10:24 En-Route
Rome (FCO) China Southern Airlines CZ7361 10:20 10:24 En-Route
Rome (FCO) Delta Air Lines DL6646 10:20 10:24 En-Route
Rome (FCO) Etihad Airways EY2923 10:20 10:24 En-Route
Rome (FCO) Kenya Airways KQ3407 10:20 10:24 En-Route
Rome (FCO) Royal Air Maroc AT9175 10:20 10:24 En-Route
Rome (FCO) SriLankan Airlines UL3451 10:20 10:24 En-Route
London (LGW) EasyJet U28565 10:30 10:31 En-Route
Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR5513 10:50 11:31 Delayed
Bologna (BLQ) Alitalia AZ1366expand_more(1) 10:55 10:54 En-Route
Bologna (BLQ) Air Malta KM2699 10:55 10:54 En-Route
Munich (MUC) Air Dolomiti EN1964expand_more(2) 11:05 11:07 En-Route
Munich (MUC) Air Malta KM2950 11:05 11:07 En-Route
Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH1964 11:05 11:07 En-Route
Moscow (DME) S7 Airlines S7683 11:10 11:11 En-Route
Milan (MXP) Alitalia AZ1746expand_more(1) 11:10 11:37 Delayed
Milan (MXP) Etihad Airways EY3117 11:10 11:37 Delayed
Venice (VCE) Alitalia AZ1699 11:35 En-Route
Brussels (BRU) Brussels Airlines SN3131expand_more(1) 11:40 11:38 En-Route
Brussels (BRU) Air Malta KM2274 11:40 11:38 En-Route
Manchester (MAN) EasyJet U21981 11:40 11:41 En-Route
Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR4856 11:50 11:50 En-Route
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ1739expand_more(8) 12:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Europa UX3167 12:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air France AF9830 12:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Malta KM2522 12:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) AirSERBIA JU7298 12:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) China Southern Airlines CZ7362 12:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Delta Air Lines DL6649 12:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Kenya Airways KQ3409 12:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) KLM KL3421 12:00 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Norwegian Air International D86206 12:30 12:30 En-Route
Casablanca (CMN) Air Arabia Maroc 3O393 12:35 En-Route
Bergamo (BGY) Ryanair FR7951 12:50 Scheduled
Genova (GOA) Volotea V71727 12:55 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Alitalia AZ1701expand_more(2) 13:00 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Air Baltic BT5916 13:00 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Etihad Airways EY2922 13:00 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) EasyJet U22845 13:00 Scheduled
Verona (VRN) Volotea V71743 13:10 Scheduled
Berlin (TXL) EasyJet U25693 13:15 Scheduled
Dusseldorf (DUS) Eurowings EW9814 13:25 Scheduled
Moscow (VKO) Ernest Airlines EG9927 13:40 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ1711expand_more(7) 13:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aeroflot SU4350 13:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air France AF9766 13:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Delta Air Lines DL9221 13:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Hainan Airlines HU8141 13:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Kenya Airways KQ3411 13:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Pegasus Airlines PC7645 13:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) TAP Portugal TP7184 13:45 Scheduled
Moscow (VKO) Pobeda DP927 13:50 12:33 En-Route
Madrid (MAD) Iberia IB3298 14:10 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Bulgaria Air FB655expand_more(3) 14:20 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Bulgaria Air FB1109 14:20 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Meridiana IG655 14:20 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Qatar Airways QR5315 14:20 Scheduled
Trieste (TRS) Ryanair FR2708 14:30 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY6534expand_more(3) 14:35 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Iberia IB5108 14:35 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) LAN Airlines LA5856 14:35 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Qatar Airways QR3735 14:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ1745expand_more(5) 14:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aeroflot SU4365 14:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air France AF9764 14:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Delta Air Lines DL9226 14:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) KLM KL3504 14:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) TAP Portugal TP7218 14:35 Scheduled
Geneva (GVA) EasyJet U21561 14:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR4858 14:40 Scheduled
Athens (ATH) Aegean Airlines A3672expand_more(1) 14:45 Scheduled
Athens (ATH) Etihad Airways EY3705 14:45 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) EasyJet U23883 14:50 Scheduled
Hamburg (HAM) Germanwings 4U7814expand_more(1) 14:50 Scheduled
Hamburg (HAM) Eurowings EW7814 14:50 Scheduled
Gudja (MLA) Ryanair FR367 15:00 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Alitalia AZ1721expand_more(1) 15:35 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Etihad Airways EY3115 15:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR4891 15:45 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR5517 15:55 Scheduled
Napoli (NAP) Volotea V71835 16:15 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ1741expand_more(8) 16:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aeroflot SU4363 16:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) AirSERBIA JU7206 16:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Delta Air Lines DL6605 16:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Etihad Airways EY2920 16:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) KLM KL3505 16:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Luxair LG1245 16:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) TAP Portugal TP7186 16:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Tarom RO9693 16:25 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) EasyJet U22847 16:25 Scheduled
Luton (LTN) Wizz Air UK W98117 16:45 Scheduled
Turin (TRN) Ryanair FR1030 17:00 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Alitalia CityLiner CT1723expand_more(1) 17:05 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Alitalia AZ1723 17:05 Scheduled

Passengers arriving at Catania Airport will find a modern and well-equipped single terminal building. It is a double storey construction that handles all departures from the first floor and all arrivals on the ground floor. The airport is only a few miles from the city of Catania, which boasts year-round warm weather. The winters are mild and the summers are hot, with temperatures often climbing as high as 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). Catania enjoys a Mediterranean climate which is typical of Sicily. Winter months receive more rain than the summer months, but the showers abate as quickly as they arrive.

Catania Airport’s new terminal building was completed in 2007, and now boasts a retail area of 1400 square meters. Improvements to the dining and beverage area have also been made, therefore passengers can enjoy the airport to its fullest. The new terminal is now extremely modern and attractive, as well as easy to navigate and functional. The airport offers full banking facilities, a post office and business services in the Alitalia Bellini VIP Lounge. Mothers will appreciate the fully equipped and easily accessible baby changing tables in the Ladies’ toilets of the Arrivals area.

Assistance is available 24 hours a day for disabled passengers. Arrangements must be made in advance with your airline company should special requirements be needed, and the airline will in turn inform SAC at Catania Airport of your arrival and requirements. Qualified SAC staff will meet you on your arrival, and offer assistance with passport control procedures and collection of baggage. The staff member will support a reduced mobility passenger until they leave the airport. A shuttle will also be available for transport to the disabled passenger’s vehicle, should he or she have a car parked at the airport. Various codes are used for passengers who need special assistance according to the IATA. WCHR would indicate that the passenger cannot walk long distances, WCHS indicates that the person has difficulty in walking and cannot walk up or down stairs, and WCHC indicates that the passengers cannot walk or stand. MEDA indicates a passenger who requires medical care, and MAAS is the symbol for all those who have requested any different kind of special assistance.

Catania does not have any hotels located on the airport property, but there are plenty of good choices within walking distance of the main attractions in Catania. Situated only four miles from the airport is the Excelsior Grand Hotel and the UNA Hotel Palace. Even closer to the airport is the Hotel Gelso Bianco and the Parco Degli Aragonesi. If you would like to be near to the Catania Railway station, a popular choice is the Holland International Hotel. Quite often hotels offer complementary transport to and from the airport. These services may need to be booked together with your accommodation.

Otherwise, Catania Airport offers various other transportation options. The AMT ‘Alitalia’ bus travels to Catania Railway Station. Buses leave every 20 minutes from the airport. A variety of other bus companies offer transport to other nearby towns and cities. Bus tickets can be purchased from the Exchange Office/Bus Ticket Office in the Arrival Terminal. For a few extra Euros, passengers could take one of the many taxis waiting outside the Arrivals area.

The arrivals hall also has a Tourist Information Office, which is open from 08:00 to 22:00. Staff at this desk will be able to assist with questions about the surrounding area, as well as transport options within Catania or Sicily in general. Other enquiries can be made as well at the central information desk of the airport.