Trains to and from Catania Airport (CTA)

Although many international airports in Europe have their own train station on site, Catania-Fontanarossa Airport does not have this facility. However, train services are still easily accessible from the Airport.

Passengers who would like to reach the Catania Railway Station in the nearby city of Catania, can use the transport services of the buses or taxis. The buses that travel to the railway station are the AMT ‘Alibuses’. They leave the airport from outside the Arrivals area every 20 minutes. This service runs from 5am to midnight, and tickets are available for purchase from the Exchange Office/Bus Ticket Office in the Arrivals Hall. Departing passengers can also take the Alibuses from the Catania Railway Station to the airport. Apart from the buses, passengers will find many available taxis at the airport that will travel to the railway station. The taxi services at the airport are provided for by Radiotaxi. Their contact number is +39 095 330966, or for the night service, +39 095 386794.

Even though there is no actual railway station at Catania Airport, Italy, and in fact the whole of Europe, is designed to be traveled by train. There are various passes that can be purchased for the train services, depending on your age and destinations. The Trenitalia Pass is available in three different versions, the Trenitalia Pass for adults, the Trenitalia Pass Youth and the Trenitalia Pass Saver. The Trenitalia Pass for adults includes a discount of 50% for children between the ages of 4 and 11. The Youth Pass is especially for the younger generation, between the ages of 12 and 25, and is available for 2nd class travel. The Saver Pass is designed to meet the needs of passengers traveling in small groups of two to five people. These passes are intended for the use of travelers who do not reside in Italy, and they can be used for four to ten consecutive or non-consecutive days of traveling within Italy, within a period of two months.

All passes for the train services must be validated in a similar way to bus tickets. Although, train tickets must be validated at the station before you leave, as conductors on the train cannot validate the ticket. Italy Rail Passes will then have two stamps on them. The first stamp is made when you purchase the ticket, and the ticket should be used within 6 months of this date. The second stamp is place under the first one, and this is done at the station before you catch your train.

Italy is well equipped with high-speed trains, and this is great way to travel between the cities of Italy. The latest edition is the Italian Stallion, and this an extremely fast train that reaches speeds of up to 212 mph. This train travels between all the major Southern Italian cities.

Tips for traveling by Train in Italy:

  • Use overnight trains to save on accommodation costs. They are usually comfortable, with sleeper and couchette options which cost much less than a hotel room. In addition, you will save valuable sight-seeing days, as you will arrive at your destination early the next morning, ready to go!
  • Store all of your important documents in a money belt underneath your clothing. You could also make copies of all your valuable papers and keep them in a separate place. If you sleep on the train, you could use your bag as your pillow, and this will prevent anyone from stealing it while you are not watching.
  • Bring your own food and water, as such items can be expensive to buy on the train. It is also wise to bring extra toilet tissue in case there isn’t any in the train bathrooms.
  • Be pleasant and polite to the other travelers and Europeans, especially the train personnel and conductors.

Passengers at Catania Airport can find out more information about the bus services to the train station from the central information desk. There is also a Tourism Information Desk which can provide other details on train transportation.

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