Taxis to and from Catania-Fontanarossa Airport (CTA)

Catania-Fontanarossa Airport has many transport options for their arriving passengers. Besides extensive bus and car rental services, passengers could decide to take a conventional taxi. Although much more expensive that the bus services, a taxi is often a popular way to travel. This is especially true if passengers are carrying a lot of luggage, as it is not always easy to negotiate heavy bags on buses.

Since Catania is only a few miles away from the airport, a taxi ride into the city is only 15 minutes long. The approximate cost of this journey is €25.00. Some passengers may consider the taxi to be far too expensive, while others don’t mind paying for the convenience – it is really a matter of personal opinion.

Taxi services at Catania Airport are provided for by Radiotaxi. Their phone number is +39 095 330966, and their night service number is +39 095 386794. For a fancier ride, one can book the service of a limo, at

Although most of the time taxis provide a reliable service, it is wise to know how you can ensure a reasonable taxi fare, and understand how the taxis operate in Italy. Firstly, legitimate taxis in Italy are usually colored yellow, or quite often white as well. They display a ‘Taxi’ sign on their roof, and have an identifying number on their side (usually on the driver’s door). If your taxi does not look like this, be aware that you may be dealing with an illegitimate driver.

Secondly, it is important to make sure that the taxi has a meter. This meter should be running during your trip, and this is what determines your taxi fare. Some drivers may claim that the meter is broken, and in this case, you should negotiate the taxi fare before you leave. It is never a bad idea anyway to discuss the charges with your driver beforehand, so that you have a general idea of the cost at the end of the journey. It is always a bit tricky to argue the price once you have already reached your destination. If you are familiar with the area, it may also be wise to suggest the best and quickest route to your driver. Perhaps tell him that you would like to drive past a specific landmark, hotel or restaurant etc. so that you are not taken via the ‘scenic route’! After all, you are paying by kilometer traveled.

Charges for the taxi ride are not limited to only the kilometers driven. You can be charged extra for luggage loaded, and if you are driving late at night or on Sundays and Public Holidays. In some cases you may also be charged extra after the fourth passenger, and airport fees may be applicable. If you have called for a taxi to come and collect you, you will be charged for the kilometers driven from where the taxi leaves to reach your pick-up point. So don’t be surprised if you find the meter already with some miles on it when you get into the car. Taxis are most often available at all railway stations within the cities, as well as at major public areas. Therefore, it can be cheaper just to walk to one of these locations if you are nearby than to call for a taxi. It is best however to call for a taxi or find one at these locations, as hailing one from the street has never been met with much success. This is not to say however that they won’t stop if they are empty.

Passengers arriving in Italy for the first time should also be aware that driving in the center of Italian cities can be a bit hair-raising! The streets can be narrow and winding, and the drivers with little or no patience for other vehicles. If you are traveling in these areas, your taxi trip may not be peaceful and relaxing!

However, if you are well prepared, taking a taxi from Catania Airport can be a very convenient way to travel. Most passengers report the taxis to be quite respectable and reasonably priced.