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Catania-Fontanarossa Airport is a modern and well-constructed international airport. It consists of a single terminal building, with departure facilities on the first floor and arrival areas on the ground floor. The new terminal building, which was completed in 2007, features attractive shopping and dining areas. Parking facilities at the airport are just as adequate, with 1022 spaces in total.

Passengers arriving at the airport by car can choose to park in the long-term parking area or the short-term parking area, which is indicated as T4 to T5. The short-term parking area is intended for those who will only be gone for a few hours or a day, and the long-term parking area for those who will be needing at least a few days of parking. Short-term parking charges are by the hour, while long-term parking is charged by the hour or day.

Parking charges for the long-term parking area can be paid at the Cashier’s desk, which is open 24 hours a day. Passengers may use cash, credit cards, bankcards or a check to pay for their parking. Parking cards with special parking rates can also be purchased for those customers who make frequent use of Catania Airport’s parking facilities. There are cash machines available for paying short-term parking charges. Parking is charged at approximately €1 per hour for the short-term parking area, and the long-term parking is charged at a maximum of €6 for 12 hours, €10 for 24 hours, and €7 per day thereafter.

The parking areas at Catania Airport are also considered to be safe areas in which to leave your vehicle. In the short-term parking area there are staff present between the hours of 06:00 and 22:30, and there is maximum security offered in the long-term parking area.

Catania Airport is fully equipped for disabled or reduced mobility passengers within the terminal building as well as in their parking areas. There are 20 parking spaces which are specifically reserved for disabled drivers. These spaces are located in the parking area opposite the terminal.

Passengers who have requested special assistance from their airline may use the special SAC PRM Parking spaces. These are located on the principle road leading straight to the airport, and are indicated by a sign labeled ‘PRM Parking/Parcheggio PRM’. Here there are 10 dedicated spaces which may be used for long-term parking. From this parking area, passengers will be assisted immediately, and transported with their luggage by shuttle to the terminal building. The shuttle is equipped with wheelchair lifts.

Passengers who require special assistance may also call for SAC staff members from the multimedia call points at the entrance to the Departure and Arrival terminals, and the taxi stop. Reduced mobility passengers will be assisted by qualified staff through the processes of baggage check-in and security screening, up until the time they are transported by ambulift to the aircraft. Other facilities for disabled passengers within the airport include special toilets, and special pathways for visually impaired individuals.

Passengers departing from Catania who do not wish to bring their own vehicle can make use of the AMT ‘Alitalia’ bus service, which travels from the Catania Railway Station to the airport, or call for a taxi. There is no railway station at the airport.

Further parking enquiries can be made by phoning airport of Catania at +39 095 349770.

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