Forli Airport Taxis (FRL)

Forli Airport is found in Italy, and serves the cities of Forli and Cesena, as well as other towns in the Emilia-Romagna region of the country. It is otherwise known as the Luigi Ridolfi, and has the official airport code of FRL. Although a small airport with only a few hundred thousand passengers per annum, it is a good arrival point for many locations, and considered as friendly and efficient. Passenger facilities are well supplied, and various forms of ground transport are available, including the Forli airport taxis. Taxis provide a valuable form of travel for many passengers, and to all nearby destinations at fairly reasonable rates.

The Forli Airport taxis are found outside of the arrival area of the terminal building, and are usually always available for arriving passengers. Taxis can, however, be booked in advance, or passengers can ask staff at the airport information desk to call one on their behalf should there be none available. Taxis at Italian airports usually provide special vehicles able to accommodate wheelchair users, and it is recommended to make an advanced booking for this type of service.

The official airport taxi company is known as Taxi Forli, and only their services should be used from the airport. Any alternative ‘taxi’ service offered in the arrival hall should be declined, as the individual may not be licensed and authorized to provide transport services to airport passengers. Upon acceptance of such offers, passengers may subject themselves to inferior services, and may find that the vehicle is in poor condition, unlicensed and with no official number to contact for complaints. Overcharging can also occur. Passengers should report any suspicious offers of transport to the appropriate airport authorities. Official taxi drivers will always be waiting in the taxi rank by their vehicles, however, should you have booked a taxi, a meet and greet service may be offered, whereby the driver will wait for you in the arrivals hall, usually with a name board.

Taxi Forli, or COTAFO, is the twenty-four hour taxi service for residents or visitors of the Forli and Cesena towns, and their services operate throughout the year. In 1986 they introduced a radio taxi service with a computerized switchboard that allows the switchboard operators to always send the nearest taxi to the client, in order to reduce waiting times. There are currently twenty-four high quality cabs in operation, some of which are able to accommodate up to eight passengers. Vehicles for four are, however, more common. The company COTAFO is also not limited to the towns of Forli and Cesena, as they are able to provide transfer services to any destination, including Mirabilandia, Acqufan, Atlantica, Delfinario di Riccione, Italia Miniatura and Imola Circuito.

A taxi ride from the airport to the train station of Forli is at a set charge of eleven Euro for up to four passengers and their luggage items. The city is only four kilometres from the airport, and by taxi is therefore quite a cheap option for transport. Taxis are also able to take you to any destination, whereas a bus has certain stops which could leave you still quite far from where you would like to be. Taxis in Italy, and at Forli airport, are metered, which means that they have a device inside the vehicle that records the number of kilometres travelled. The taxi fare is then calculated accordingly. There are other costs involved as well, such as those for luggage, more than four passengers and animals transported in the vehicle. Fares are also more expensive (about 20% more) at night, on Sundays and on public holidays. The nightly tariffs start from 22:00 and end at 06:00. Services requested by telephone will incur a charge of 1.20 Euro, and for each five minutes of waiting a taxi will charge an additional 2.00 Euro. An hour of waiting will cost 24 Euro over and above the kilometre rates. Taxis will also start their journey at a minimum fare of 4.80 Euro.

Popular destinations from Forli Airport and their fares by taxi are as follows: Mirabilandia – 45.00 Euro, Atlantica – 55.00 Euro, Riccione – 100.00 Euro, the Imola Automobile race track – 60.00 Euro, Bologna Airport – 115.00 Euro, Rimini Airport – 95.00 Euro, the Bologna Railway Station FS – 115.00 Euro and the Bertinoro Centro Residenziale Universitario – 25.00 Euro.

By taxi is a very convenient way to reach a departure flight at Forli, and taxis can either be called to come and collect you from your current location, or they can be found at various points in the city. Besides the airport, Taxi Forli has taxi ranks at the railway station at P.zza Martiri D’Ungheria 22 and at Piazza Saffi. If you are in these areas, a taxi would be slightly cheaper taken directly from the ranks, as the meter of the vehicle will begin to run from where a taxi driver leaves to collect you, rather than from your location.

Forli taxi services are often more convenient than the bus services available, and may even be cheaper if you are not travelling long distances. Find out more information regarding the airport taxis from the airport, at the following telephone number: +39-0543 474990.