Getting to Forli Airport

Forli Airport has the second name of the Luigi Ridolfi Airport, in honour of an Italian aviator of the same name, and has been allocated the official code of FRL in order to distinguish it from similar establishments. The airport is served by the airline companies of Belle Air and Wizz Air, and in 2011, handled approximately 346,000 passengers. Although just a small Italian airport, it is well equipped with facilities and offers a few options for ground transport. Forli Airport directions are simple to follow by motorists in their own vehicles, as the airport is nearby a few main roads. Detailed directions can also be found online, or airport personnel can be contacted.

The airport of Forli serves a number of towns in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy, in particular Forli and Cesena, which are closest of the main towns in the airport area. The airport is approximately only four kilometres from the city centre of Forli, and also particularly nearby the areas of Villa Selva, Ronco, Carpena and Forlimpopoli. The larger cities surrounding Forli include Ravenna to the north, Bologna, Imola and Faenza to the north-west, Rimini and Cesena to the south-east and Florence to the south-west. Forli and it’s airport are located nearby to the eastern coastline of the country, and therefore provide good access to many of the popular cities located alongside the Mediterranean Sea. Additional cities within easy driving distance of Forli include Ancona, Parma, Perugia, Pisa and Milan.

The access road of Forli Airport is the Via Carlo Seganti on the north-eastern side of the airport where the terminal building is located, and the two main roads in the vicinity which provide access are the Via Emilia and the A14, or Autostrada 14. The Autostrada are the largest roads in Italy, connecting all the major towns and cities and are similar to the interstate system in the United States. The following information can be used as general directions to Forli Airport.

Forli Airport directions from Forli and Bologna

The city of Bologna is approximately 70km north-west of Forli, and is therefore within an hour’s drive. Motorists can either drive on the Via Emilia (SS9) or on the A14 (E45). From the south-eastern side of Bologna city, the A14 can be reached from the roads Via Giuseppe Massarenti, Via Enrico Mattel, Viale Llic Uljanov Lenin or the Via Roberto Vighi. Head in a north-easterly direction on the A14 in the direction of Castel San Pietro Terme. Pass this area as well as the turn-offs to Imola and Faenza, and take the Forli Exit. Turn left onto the Via Ca’ Mingozzi and continue onto the Via Antonietta Gordini. The third exit at the roundabout will take you onto Via Constanzo II. Continue to the next roundabout and take the second exit onto Via Correcchio. Turn to the right onto Via Antonio Meucci, then take the second left onto Via Antonio Masetti. Continue onto Via Pietro Zangheri and take the second exit from the roundabout onto Viale Bidente. A sharp right turn will lead you to the airport. The A14 is a toll route. From all main turn-offs the airport is clearly signposted as the Aeroporto di Forli – ‘L Ridolfi’.

The SS9 route would be more ideal for travellers who would like closer access to the towns en route to Forli, but will take longer as each town centre will need to be navigated. At Bologna, the Via Emilia passes through San Lazzaro di Savena, and continues past Ozzano dell’Emilia, Castel San Pietro Terme and then arrives at Imola. From Imola it continues past Castel Bolognese and on to Faenza. The next major town is Forli, and the airport is found on the south-eastern side of the city centre. Circle the centre and stay on the SS9 until reaching the turn-off to the airport road, Via Carlo Seganti.

Forli Airport directions from other major cities

Ancona is approximately 122km from Forli Airport, and the A14 is used for access from this area. Along the way, motorists will pass Fano, Pesaro, Riccione and Rimini. At the Forli Exit, follow the same directions as above. Rimini is about 45km from the airport. From Ravenna in the north, motorists can use the E45 (SS3bis) to reach the A14 north of Cesena, or can travel the SS67 for a more direct route to Forli. This road provides access from the city of Florence as well, which is about 177km from Forli Airport. Another route from Florence is the A1 that leads directly to Bologna.

Motorists driving from whichever city nearby should leave in good time for the airport, in order to find an adequate parking space and to check-in for their flight. Parking is available outside the terminal building, and they are paid-parking areas. There is one terminal building at Forli Airport, consisting of an arrival area on the ground floor and a departure area on the upper level with a check-in area of eleven counters and two boarding lounges. Facilities available include a few shops and restaurants, including a duty-free store, internet access points, cash machines and public telephones. There are also information desks and ticket sales office open from 09:30 to 21:00 or 22:30. The passenger terminal is accessible to disabled persons, and further assistance can be arranged in advance with the concerning airline company.

Forli Airport passengers can also reach their departure flight by bus or taxi, but not by rail, as there is no train station on the airport grounds. Buses travel from the Forli Train Station in the city centre of Forli, and from various other locations in the summer. Buses may also be available from Bologna. Taxis can be taken from any nearby location, but will cost only eleven Euro from the Forli Train Station.

Forli Airport directions in further detail can be found online at, or passengers can contact the airport at +39 0543 474990.