Forli to Palermo

You are limited to only 1 airline company Flex Flight when departing Luigi Ridolfi to Punta Raisi Italy. The journey time flying from Luigi Ridolfi to Punta Raisi Italy is around 1 hour 36 minutes. With the distance covered being 675 Km (420 Miles). The airport code for Luigi Ridolfi is FRL and for Punta Raisi it is PMO.

The cost of ticket prices to Punta Raisi Italy can vary quite considerably if you travel at certain times of the week especially at weekends. Punta Raisi Italy flights may be normally booked months in advance and this may be the best option if you intend to get the best prices from Luigi Ridolfi. We recommend booking your flights to Punta Raisi Italy in advance as prices normally increase the nearer the departure date.

The table below shows the amount of daily flights in operation from Luigi Ridolfi (FRL) to Punta Raisi (PMO).

AirlinerMoTuWeThFrSaSuFirst FlightLast Flight
Flex Flight222222218:5518:55

The most direct flights offered from Luigi Ridolfi to Punta Raisi Italy are by Flex Flight with around 2 flights a week. These operate from 18:55 with the latest flight being at 18:55. The most popular flight no is W2 1902 and W2 1904.

When travelling with Flex Flight it would be worth visiting their website Flight for further information on bookings and special offers.

Below you can see all the times when Flex Flight fly. These flight times do vary so we recommend you look on the Flex Flight website for accurate information for the dates you are departing.

DayFlight Times

You may instead fly from Luigi Ridolfi and arrive at Punta Raisi by an alternative airport or airports. The summary of this is in the table below.

RouteStopsDistanceFlying Time
Forli to Catania0790 km (491 miles)1 hour 44 minutes

Don’t forget that flight regulations are getting tight so we recommend you leave plenty of time to get through customs at Luigi Ridolfi.

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