Low Cost Milan Malpensa Airport Parking

Malpensa Airport has two terminals, and each terminal has it’s own parking facilities. Passengers can choose the most convenient and cost effective parking area, depending on how long they would like to park. Passengers/visitors should park at the relevant terminal car park for their airline’s departure or for which terminal they would like to visit. Transport between the two terminals is provided by a free shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes. Clients of rent a car Milan who would like to drop off they car before the flight should use the specific rental company facilities that are located in the vicinity of the terminals.

Short Stay Parking at Malpensa Terminal 1:

There are 640 parking spaces at the Arrival floor level of Terminal 1. This parking area may be used for a maximum of 3 hours. There are parking meters at the entrance to the area, as payment for parking is made in advance.

Multilevel P1 Parking Area Malpensa Terminal 1:

This is the closest parking area to Terminal 1 of Malpensa Airport. Elevators lead directly into the terminal building. There are 3,300 parking spaces available and they are all under cover. The Multilevel P1 area has the Patrol Control service for surveillance, 24 hours a day.

Ladies can park in special reserved parking spaces located in the parking lot’s 1B North area.rt buildings with sheltered pedestrian walkways.

Parking payments are made at payment desks on the 1st floor of Terminal 1. Cash or credit cards may be used.

The Multilevel P1 Parking has a Top car parking area with 130 spaces for expensive vehicles only. Requests must be made to enter this area.

This parking facility also has valet parking services. Cars should be delivered to the short stay parking area at entrance door 11, by the Departures area. Collection of vehicles should be from this area as well. An employee will park your car for you in a safe parking area.

Long-Term Parking P2 Facilities at Terminal 1 Malpensa:

This parking area is also located nearby Terminal 1, and has 2,900 outdoor parking spaces available. It is more economical than the Multilevel Parking area, especially for longer parking periods. Payments can be made with cash or credit card at the automatic payment machine or at the payment desk at the parking area. The desk is open from 07:00 to 23:00.

At the Long-Term P2 Parking area there are car valet services. Reservations for this service should be made. A car wash is available on request.

Malpensa Terminal 2: Short Stay Parking

291 spaces are available for short stay parking with a maximum parking time of 3 hours.

Malpensa Terminal 2: Indoor/Outdoor Parking

In this parking area at Terminal 2, there are 3,000 spaces available. 2,000 of these are outdoors and 1,000 are indoors. A free shuttle bus stops in front of the payment desk for transportation to Terminal 1. The payment desk for this parking area is open 24 hours a day.

Leave your car with one of the employees for the service of valet parking. Your car will be parked in a safe area for the duration of your absence. Reservations for this service should be made.

Malpensa Car Transfer Service

This service is available in the Long-Term P2 Parking area, the Outdoor P3 Parking area, and the Indoor/Outdoor Parking area at Terminal 2. Your car will be transported from your departing airport to the parking area of the airport where you will be arriving.

Disabled Parking for Passengers

At the parking areas of Terminal 1, there are 67 disabled parking spaces in the Multilevel P1 Parking area, 28 spaces in the Long-Term P2 Parking area, and 35 spaces in the Outdoor P3 Parking area.

At Terminal 2, there are 56 spaces available at the Indoor/Outdoor Parking area.

At both terminals Short Stay Parking areas there are disabled parking spaces available. Disabled parking spaces are free in all of the Terminal Parking areas.
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