Taxis to and from Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP)

Taxis are readily available in the taxi ranks outside the Arrival areas of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at Milan Malpensa Airport. The airport is situated approximately 45 km (29 miles) from Milan’s city center, and the journey by taxi will take around 50 minutes.

Even though the airport is only 29 miles from Milan’s city center, the taxi ride could be quite long due to traffic congestion, especially during peak traffic hours.

Taxi services can be classed as an expensive means of transportation, but the convenience of the ride is often worth the extra money spent. With a taxi, passengers have no problems with carrying their luggage on trains or buses, and will be taken directly to their hotel or other desired destination. If you are a group of three or more people, the taxi fare may not be much more than your combined ticket prices for the train or bus services.

In Milan, and from Malpensa Airport, there are no set taxi fare rates. Set taxi fare rates can be quite common at other airports in Italy, such as the trip between Rome Fiumicino Airport and central Rome. Even though there is no set fare rate, this area is not plagued by illegal taxi drivers seeking business from passengers in the airport Arrival areas, like most other airports. Taxi drivers in Milan are also considered to be relatively honest and tend not to try and charge passengers with unnecessarily high prices. Even though this is the case, taxi passengers should still confirm prices with the driver before leaving the airport.

Taxi fares for transportation to central Milan can exceed 80 Euros. Keep in mind as well, that there may be extra charges for luggage, late night driving or driving on a Sunday/public holiday, which is not included in the metered fare rate. The taxi driver also requires a tip for good service. If you want to avoid such additional costs book a car with car hire Milan that doesn't apply any hidden surcharges.

Passengers at Malpensa Airport should use the official Milan taxis. They can be recognized by the ‘taxi’ sign on their roof and a numbered shield on the side of the taxi. They are generally white in colour, but can sometimes be yellow or other colours. These are licensed taxis, and your best option for adequate taxi services.

Taxi services are also available from many taxi rank locations throughout the city of Milan, or they can be called by telephone to collect you at your whereabouts. Passengers that prefer to take the Malpensa Express Train directly from the airport to Cadorna Station will find plenty of taxis waiting at this station to help complete their journey.

Milan Taxis are a popular way to travel in the city, and from the airport, especially for business purposes.