Places to visit in Milan Malpensa

Milan, Italy has countless tourist attractions within its beautiful city. Many of the attractions are child friendly and there is family fun for all to enjoy in Milan. There are also many magnificent museums in Milan, with some of the best historic collections in Italy. Milan is well known as a ‘shopper’s paradise’ and one of the main centers for shopping in Italy, with everything on offer, from high fashion to antiques

Popular Tourist Attractions in Milan

The cathedral of Milan, Duomo, is Milan’s main tourist attraction. It is the symbol of Milan and renowned for it’s size, as Italy’s largest Gothic structure. It is the third largest Catholic Church in the world and features more than 3,400 statues. Visitors can take the elevator to the roof of Duomo and see the spectacular marble pinnacles.

Leonardo da Vinci’s last supper is a famous Milan tourist attraction. It is housed at Santa Maria delle Grazie. The work of art has been declared as a world heritage masterpiece by the Unesco.

The Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele features architecture from the 19th century and a glass-topped roof. It is one of Milan’s favorite tourist attractions with many shops and galleries nearby. It is also home to the famous Scala Opera House.

Milan hosts a large number of specialist international shows at the Fiera di Milano (Trade Fare). It was originally set up to facilitate the domestic market in Italian postwar times. Today it is an important exhibition center that attracts up to 3 million visitors each year.

Milan has many more attractions. Some of them include the Pinoteca di Brera, the Castello Sforzesco, the Palazzo Borromeo and the Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Verdi for those interested in music.

Museums in Milan

The Museo Nazionale dela Scienza e della Tecnia ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, is Milan’s Science and Technology museum. t has four different buildings with countless exhibits. A highlight display is the first mechanical counting machine. There are many others about cinema photography, acoustics, watch making, train, air and sea travel. The Gallery of Leonardo da Vinci features models of his many inventions. Some of the exhibits are interactive.

The National History Museum is the Museo di Storia Naturale. It was founded in 1838 and has many interesting exhibits and collections. There are reconstructions of dinosaurs, skeletons, mammals and scientific instruments, with the highlight being a large fossil collection of the Besano Glacier.

The Palazzo Bagatti-Valsecchi is a grand palace located in central Milan. The museum that is in this building is one the finest in Europe. It features stunning artwork collections, majolica, glassware, furniture and many other special exhibits.

Other museums in Milan include the Museo Poldi-Pezzoli, the Museo di Storia Contemporanea (Museum of Milan), the Civico Museo Archeologica, Museo del Duomo and the Museo Teatrale alla Scala (Theatre Museum).

Children and Family Attractions in Milan

Gardalandis one of Italy’s largest and most popular theme parks. There are rollercoasters, a dolphin pool, Dinosaur Island and a fantasy kingdom for the little ones. It is open from late March to June and from late June to September.

There are two waterparks in Milan, the Idropark Fila and the Aquatica. Idropark Fila is near to Linate Airport and is busy with popular events such as canoeing, regattas, rowing and boating. Aquatica features huge slides and pools, and many entertaining shows.

Children will love Milan’s Puppet Theatre – Teatro delle Marionette. It is a popular family tradition in Milan, and is well-known for it’s beautiful puppet shows.

Other attractions for kids include the Planetario Ulrico Hoepli (Planetarium) and the Play Planet, which is a safe place for young children to play.

Shopping in Milan

Milan’s fashion district is between via Montenapoleone, via della Spiga, corsa Venezia and via Sant ‘Andrea, with many renowned Italian and foreign fashion boutiques. Real craftsman can be seen at work around Milan’s Piazza Santa Spirito. Downtown Milan also features beautiful monuments, statues and fountains along with the numerous shopping opportunities.

Passengers arriving at Milan Malpensa Airport can reach central Milan by train, taxi or bus.