Olbia Airport Taxis (OLB)

Olbia Airport is located approximately four kilometres from the town centre of Olbia, and is found on Italy’s island of Sardinia. The airport serves the northeastern regions of the island, while Alghero Airport serves Sardinia’s northwestern regions. The largest airport on the island is Cagliari Airport. Olbia is not one of Italy’s largest airports, but does handle over a million and a half passengers per year. Many of these passengers are foreign and local tourists coming to enjoy the sea and sandy beaches nearby Olbia, as well as to explore the other towns of interest in the area. Taxis are a popular way to travel from Olbia Airport to various suburbs in Olbia. Taxis services are, however, usually much more expensive than bus or train services.

The terminal building of Olbia Airport is modern and well equipped with a variety of useful facilities, and is organized so that all arrivals are handled from one area, and all departure operations are handled from another. Since that Olbia Airport is not very big, passengers will find the terminal very easy to navigate, and all the facilities are clearly marked. The taxi rank can be found in front of the arrivals area of the building, as well as the area from where the buses depart. Taxis can be hired on your arrival at the airport, or a car can be arranged in advance of your trip by contacting the airport taxi company. For reservations or further enquiries, the following numbers can be called:  +39 0789 22718, or 0789 69150.

Taxis, although more expensive than bus services, are a popular transport option for many passengers arriving at Olbia Airport. Hiring a taxi is convenient as they can take you to the doorstep of your residence, hotel or place of business, anywhere in Olbia, or in nearby towns, and the drivers are also mostly more than willing to offer their assistance with your luggage. Taxis are also a quicker form of transport when compared to buses, as they take you on a direct trip to your destination, not making other stops along the way. Tourists who are unfamiliar with the Olbia area can ask the taxi drivers for suggestions on various places of interest in the town as well, as taxi drivers are extremely knowledgeable about restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions etc.

Olbia Airport Taxi passengers arriving at  the airport should only use the services of the official airport taxis. This is a common warning in Italy, where is often found that unlicensed drivers search for business in the arrival halls of some airports. However, this is mostly a problem in larger Italian airports. Nevertheless, it is useful to be aware of these drivers, as they may catch you off-guard by offering a cheaper taxi rate. It can happen that passengers who accept such services end up being overcharged, or receiving unprofessional service. There is often also no way of making an adequate complaint against these drivers, as they are not officially registered. Official airport taxis are found in the taxi rank, and their drivers do not come into the arrival area ‘looking’ for passengers.

Olbia Airport Taxis work on a metered system, the same as the rest of Italy, The meter in the taxi is the device that records the length of the journey, and the taxi fare is calculated accordingly. Passengers should always ensure that their taxi’s meter is turned on and in working order, and it is recommended to discuss the taxi fare with the driver before leaving the airport. It can be rather more difficult to argue the price once the trip has already been made. Taxi fares from Olbia Airport can also be set, such as the fare to the town centre of Olbia, which is around Euro 15.00. The length of the journey determines a metered rate, for example, a taxi trip of between 5 and 35 kilometres will cost Euro 1.90 per kilometre. The first few kilometres of the journey are more expensive, and there is always a charge of about Euro 3.50 at the start of the journey. The first five kilometres are charged at Euro 2.60 per kilometre. Distances travelled over 35 kilometres will cost Euro 1.00 per kilometre.

There may also be additional charges to the actual metered rate of the journey, such as for extra luggage loaded, or for travelling late at night or on Sundays and public holidays. The night supplement will cost the passenger an extra 25% of the metered fare, when travelling between the hours of 22:00 and 06:00. 25% is also added to the meter fare when travelling on holidays. Taxis, which are requested to wait at the airport, may add extra charges for this services as well.

Olbia Airport Taxis can be recognized by their white or yellow colouring, and have a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. If you need a taxi in Olbia, or any other town in Sardinia, it is best to call one, as they are not often successfully hailed from the street. When calling a taxi, a supplement charge of Euro 3.00 will be applicable. The centre taxi office in Olbia can be contacted at +39 799 22718.

Further information about the taxi services at Olbia Airport is available from the Infodesk Ciaosardinia, which is a tourist information desk at the airport, located in the arrivals area. Passengers of the airport may also find more information on Olbia Airport’s official website, at http://www.geasar.it/eng/airport.